| March 15, 2012

Billboards for Everyone (and Perks for Employees)

We talked with ADstruc’s Josh Warrum about his company’s culture

Tweeting dogs, a book club, and graffiti everywhere. We thought this combination only occurred in dreamscapes (don’t tell us you haven’t had tweeting dogs in your dreams).

At ADStruc, it’s reality. For a company of their size, the culture knocks our socks off. The 2010 TechStars grad has brought an online exchange to the billboard industry, one of the last ad spaces without one. Warrum and his co-founder John Laramie have built in a team-wide book club, a mandatory mentor program, an office dog that tweets, and an artistic bent throughout (their Billboards Everywhere project matches artists – think Shepherd Ferry, Ron English, and Trustcorp – with unused spaces and lets ‘em get jiggy with it).

Delivering Happiness was the last book in the book club rotation. But it was the mentor program that caught our eye. All employees are required to have mentors from outside the company, and ADstruc foots the lunch bill, just to make sure it happens.

As for the dog…follow @GoodBoyCalvin to get his updates.

Hi @louisck I noticed your show was filming on my block while I was out taking a poop. You should stop by for some peanut butter. Woof!

— Calvin (@GoodBoyCalvin) March 9, 2012

Now go forth (and get jiggy with it).

Read: the ADstruc blog

Work: According to Warrum, they’re always hiring.



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