| April 19, 2012

FounderLink: Sonar and Shelby.tv

Welcome to our new series, where we get out of the way.

Brett Martin from Sonar interviews Reece Pacheco of Shelby.tv.

Brett_MartinBrett Martin

B: You played pro sports (lacrosse, Boston Cannons). How has that impacted the way you think about your company?

R: I learned a lot about leadership. We had an amazingly talented team at all positions- but we didn’t make playoffs, because of leadership. Our coach was everyone’s buddy until we were losing in the third quarter. Then he would ask us what our problem was. Our inability to win was directly attributable to leadership. If it’s not there to make for real teamwork, winning is impossible.

B: How about working in Hollywood?

R: Movies are very similar to startups in their lifecycle: Get a story–>Get great actors–>get a great team–>raise $$$–>get it out there–>make lots of $$$. It’s intense in the same way. You say: “I’m going to work on this thing for the next 3-5 years.”

I was Bobby Farrelly’s sole assistant. I hung out with his family. I played hockey with him. I helped him edit. I booked the flights. You very quickly get over “that’s not my job” – Doesn’t exist in startups or in the movies.

B: If you could take the best attributes from the ladies in tech to create a tech superwoman, who would you borrow from?

ReecePachecoReece Pacheco

R: Hilary Mason: Her tech smarts are off the charts.

Emily Hickey: Knows how to run ops, BD, press and generally gets shit done.

Kristin Maverick: Knows and understands brands inside and out.

Brooke Hammerling: PR guru. Rolodex like woah.

Rachel Sklar: Girl power. Enough said.

Courtney Boyd Meyers: She can write a great story, but really she’s just plain awesome.

B: If someone wanted a job at Shelby, how might they best secure it?

R: The two biggest things we look for are passion and intelligence. Doesn’t matter if you have experience, we are hiring teammates that are ready to solve problems that no one else has figured out. The passion is going to get you over the bumps. Passion is something you need to see and feel. It goes beyond the interview. I want to see that you are excited about startups and building stuff. Email us directly. I don’t care about your resume. Just be a human being.

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