Tuesday, March 31, 2015


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Skill Sergeant

Caesar's transition to civilian life met with mixed success.

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New York’s HirePurpose helps vets find work

On Monday Esquire published a profile of the most famous anonymous man in the country – the guy who shot bin Laden – detailing how the ex-SEAL is now “screwed”, without healthcare or pension.

The piece has since been labeled factually flawed (which Esquire rebuts) but still, the story raises a major issue: the problems surrounding re-entry to civilian life for military veterans.

NYC-based startup HirePurpose is trying to ease that transition, pairing veterans with employers. Founded by Zach Iscol, a former Marine Officer and Iraq War veteran who recruited for special operations, HirePurpose employs some of the same technical-assessment methods Iscol used in the military to successfully match vets with careers.

“20,000 to 30,000 veterans are transitioning back to civilian life each month. And unemployment is extremely high for them,” Demetrios Tzortzis, the startup’s CMO, said. “Zach realized that a lot of his military buddies didn’t have the basic tools for getting a job, and employers had no idea how to interview them.”

The platform is currently in beta with a group of around 100 veterans.

If your company is interested in joining the beta, you can register here, and veterans searching for a job can sign up for HirePurpose here.

Now go forth (and fact check).


Nitty Gritty:

10%: National unemployment rate for new vets

16.7%: New York unemployment rate for new vets

6’4″-6’6″: Height of bin Laden, which surprised “the Shooter”


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