Wednesday, September 3, 2014


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Uncubed connects you with exciting companies through content, classes, conferences, and jobs.

Team Uncubed is a group of 15 folks based in Chinatown, NYC, Chicago, IL, London, UK and in the hearts of many others.


It all started back in when Chris and Tarek set out to build a company focused on closing the awareness gap between the world and today’s most exciting com- panies.


It wasn’t long before Jack, an entrepreneurial-minded character we met at our own Uncubed confernece, decided he’d take the plunge fulltime, joining as employee numero uno and currently leading strategy. A few months into the project, the team met Guy, the ever-talented writer / editor who came on board to lead editorial and the growth of Uncubed’s daily email, Wakefield.


Once it became clear there was way to much for a team of four to handle, a friend referred on Jessica, whose organizational gifts set up a new era for Uncubed to grow. Soon after, Brian came in to execute special projects, where he’s grown to lead University partnerships and, with support from Lisa, a seasoned event guru within education and employment, produces our Education Uncubed conference,.


Somewhere along the way came Danny, the human-GPS who has been working on and off with Uncubed for over 2 years, before joining us fulltime as our European lead. Joining as Danny’s state-side counterpart is Kelsey, the Chicago-native (and current resident) who has been with the team for just over a year and oversees our Chicago, LA and SF conferences (you can cut to the chase and check out the next one now).


After month’s of friendly dialog, ideation and fun chats, Alison has joined our team fulltime to lead our sales and partnerships team. Wish her good luck!


Our intern team is led by Jodi, the veteran. Jodi oversees our meetup partnerships and PR. Joining Jodi for a summer of fun has been Charlie and Daniel on the code, responsible for the implementation of Uncubed’s new launch; Liz as Guy’s right hand intern and Perry, playing a very important supporting role on events.


Sound like a team you’d like to work with? Visit our jobs page and send us a line!


  • Chris Johnson


  • Tarek Pertew


  • Jessica Hutton

    Operations Lead

  • Jack Krupnik

    Strategy & Ops Lead

  • Guy Cimbalo

    Editor in Chief

  • Brian Shoicket

    Partnerships Lead

  • Danny Fitzgerald

    Regional Events Manager

  • Kelsey Wojtasiak

    Regional Events Manager

  • Alison Cebulla

    Sponsorships Lead

  • Lisa Penberthy

    Event Coordinator

  • Daniel Willson

    Technical Intern

  • Liz LeCrone

    Editorial Intern

  • Perry Piep

    Events Intern

  • Jodi Donner

    Community Intern

  • Charlie Windolf

    Technical Intern

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