Uncubed connects you with exciting companies through content, classes, conferences, and jobs.

It turns out that the best use of the last few thousand years of human progress was not to deposit us in a cube reporting to middle management. That was an evolutionary wrong turn, and Uncubed is here to correct it. 

Uncubed connects forward thinking folks with a new generation of companies, their fulfilling jobs, and the digital skills they’re built on. 

We make content, put on one hell of a startup careers conference series, and offer skills classes that do not bore.  

The content is irrationally free, of the highest quality, and appears magically in your inbox each day. The only people we’ve been able to get to read it are those interested in great products, fulfilling jobs, and the future of humanity. 

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The conferences are a chance to meet the finest high-growth startups around, and to learn digital skills in tech, design and business. 

The online classes are bite-sized, definitively not boring, and taught by the companies you admire (or soon will). Stay tuned for more on this front.

As for us? Our headquarters is in a hidden lair in NYC’s Chinatown. We emerge only for delicious dumplings.

Talk to us on sundry social networks, or via fax machine here.