Editor-in-Chief at BuzzFeed


We’re looking for an experienced news editor to lead our German news coverage, manage a small team of reporters in Berlin, and run overall editorial operations in Germany. The successful candidate will be an experienced editor with unerring news judgement, a deep understanding of German media (and media law), a grasp of how news travels on the social web — and who has experience with and delight in doing news on the internet. We're particularly interested in candidates with a proven ability to deliver big stories, and the editing/managerial experience to lead a team of young, determined reporters.

You'll be in charge of creating original content and managing a small team, including making new hires, overseeing the adaptation and translation of BuzzFeed’s global news content in-market, and being the public representative of BuzzFeed in Germany.

The job will be based in Berlin. BuzzFeed offers competitive compensation.


  • Launch BuzzFeed's news desk in Berlin.
  • Work with a small team of breaking news and beat reporters.
  • Manage the German news desk day-to-day.
  • Find the right balance between the daily news agenda and detailed investigations.
  • Coordinate coverage with BuzzFeed’s other news desks around the world.
  • Be a tireless watchdog for quality and accuracy.
  • Edit copy.
  • Set a clear, sharp editorial news agenda.
  • Demonstrate unerring news judgement.
  • Ensure our team does original, ground-breaking reporting. Be ambitious!
  • Set the news agenda, publishing reporting that competitors have to follow.
  • Interrogate the data: assessing performance via numbers is a secondary concern to ensuring reporting has impact, but we have lots to learn from data analysis.
  • Maintain focus on accuracy to build credibility of BuzzFeed News brand.


  • Extensive newsroom experience at a senior level.
  • Experience dealing with the complexities of a big breaking news story.
  • Desire to make BuzzFeed News impactful, innovative and distinctive in the German market.
  • Fascination with how ideas travel on the social web.
  • Deep familiarity with German publishing law.
  • Obsessive and excited about the internet.
  • A love for both the serious and the silly.
  • Strong social media verification skills.
  • Gift for powerful headlines.

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