An incredible short animation on inclusion + team bonding activities + loads of HR jobs

March 14, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

Short one this week. It's too nice outside!

If you’re in NYC and reading this, perhaps you’re in a good mood considering today’s touch of Spring. I’m in an even greater mood because I recently retired my 5 year old MacBook Air in favor of a new MacBook Pro. The pickup in horsepower is meaningfully noticeable…

Shorter email this week, since I honestly don’t know what to share or write about. So here’s what you get:

HR Jobs (Everywhere): Folks, Lyft is hiring for over 50 positions between their people & recruiting teams. Check ’em out!

Event (NYC): Last call for next week’s free HR Breakfast in the East Village to discuss employee engagement. RSVP here.

Team Camaraderie (NYC): Speaking of employee engagement…you all know I love me some soccer. But do I love it as much as some of your employees? Why not join some of us here at Uncubed and put a coed company team together in NYC Footy? We’ve got Codecademy, Warby Parker, Barclay’s, Mastercard, LeagueApps, PWC, and more. Join the fun.

Team Camaraderie (NYC): Speaking of fun, An unusual new sponsor just joined us at HR Uncubed. It involves bowling and boy are we excited! Check out Lucky Strike and if you bring the team, mention Tarek.

Please watch: If none of the above information cuts it as good enough for your time, well I will not fail you here. Spare 8.5 minutes and watch this amazing Pixar short on inclusion in the workplace.



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