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August 1, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

Any tips for visiting Egypt?

Last week I tried to describe what riding a bike over the Brooklyn Bridge is like. Luckily a reader of this newsletter shared a video that her husband loaded up which gives a very first-person perspective of the experience.

Separately, I had some serious bike karma after last week’s email. My key broke inside the bike lock & my front tire burst within days of one another. $200 later (I also got 2 new tires), we’re back to square one…

In Pro-Tips for HR news, we are now 3 months into this fully remote thang, and a few thoughts thus far:

  • Getting outside early in the morning, even for just a walk, makes you feel better about yourself (as opposed to waking up and getting right to work).
  • If you had grandiose plans of a midday workout, think again. Your midday workout is almost definitely a trip to the snack drawer.
  • Working from coffee shops is ok, but not everyday. If you have calls, they are particularly terrible (plus their wifi networks are not secure – so use a VPN).
  • This was sort of a surprise: even though we still have our office, I rarely go (not the case with others on the team).
  • I feel significantly less stressed about “business hours,” which means I can feel at ease about accomplishing tasks at odd hours.
  • Planning a trip is significantly less stressful, since, with some exceptions (like the HR Uncubed conference), I no longer feel like my absence from the office hurts business productivity. That means we can visit places during off-peak seasons (despite not taking advantage of it for my next trip).
  • You will need to revisit target setting and communication to make sure there is a strong, shared understanding of company goals.

Pro Tip for Life: I also have a bit more time to solve some household challenges. And let me tell you, I’ve got a great tip for you. Slow drain? Look no further than the drain weasel, which I spotted in an is instagram ad. It makes a once painful and/or toxic drain clearing experience fun. Just crank away!

Pro Tip for Work: Folks, do you ever use the calculator on your computer, type in a dozen or so entries, and wonder if you missed one and need to start over? Well, I’m here to save the day. Just hit command P (“print tape”) and boom, it shows you all of your calculator entries. Note, this may only work on mac.

Ok, Okay, HR News: Last week I shared a funny video from our friends at Stash. This week, a H/T to Kelly Services and their rather funny advertising campaign. Give it a watch.

Good Lookin’ Career Pages: Uncubed’s very own, Conor Armor, has whipped up a nifty little listicle of 14 career page examples we love, and why.

Woeful Coworkers: I learn a lot about teamwork from playing soccer. One thing that always stands out is how quickly the positive chemistry of an entire team flounders when an individual player has a bad attitude. How does this translate to the workplace? Read how one dishonest coworker can disrupt an entire workplace. Here’s an unexpected excerpt:

  • empathy toward others with a similar economic status can motivate dishonest behavior…

The power of inclusion:  A few years back, a man named Mohamed Salah, a muslim footballer from Egypt, was recruiter to my favorite football club, Liverpool FC. During games, he shows very public displays of dedication to his religion and, since joining, Islamophobia and hate crimes in Liverpool have declined. Read more here.

I’ll leave you with that and see you back here, at this time, next week.

Oh, and special thanks to Evangelia Leclaire, Krystina Moustakis and Alexandra Paffilas for your tips on Crete.

Anyone have tips for Egypt?


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