2 incredible articles + VP HR jobs + Breaking up the boy’s club + the look of HR in 2020 + Culture Thursdays

February 20, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Plus, a beautiful new job board is on the loose.

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TLDR: I have some seriously excellent articles for you to read below. Scroll down if you’re in a hurry.

For the rest of you, I’m writing from a restaurant downtown, where we are hosting this month’s Soft Landing breakfast.

I’m a big fan of this event series. Folks fresh off the impact of a RIF, many of whom are years removed from the job search, get the perfect re-introduction: A breakfast with folks from hiring companies. I really dig the vibe. I’d wager you will too.

Next one will be in April. Save the date.

Action Steps: If you are interested in connecting with candidates from these events, please reply and let me know. I’ll share the brass tacks on how we can make that happen.

Before I send you off to read some can’t-miss articles, here’s an important announcement from Uncubed | Mediabistro:

Uncubed | Mediabistro News: Since our acquisition of Mediabistro last year, we have been transitioning the Mediabistro technology into our Uncubed technology stack. A daunting post-acquisition task that has reached a major milestone as of this morning. We have fully transitioned the Mediabistro job board and you can see the fresh new paint-job and, hopefully, feel the experience upgrade at https://www.mediabistro.com/jobs. If you’ve been to the Uncubed job board, then it might look familiar.

READ THIS:  Thanks to my friend, Terry Pauzer (CPO at 1010 data), for sharing this short email on 7 Ways HR Looks Different in 2020. Give it a read. Hint: Inclusion & Employee Experience are at the forefront and thus will be key topics at the Human Intelligence Invitational in June.

DEFINITELY READ THIS: Speaking of CPOs, one of the best articles on HR I’ve read is this short, direct, emotional, and extremely topical article on how lonely the Chief People Officer (CPO) role is (H/T/ Chris Johnson). Here’s a powerful takeaway:

  • “I’m working all the time. I’m doing my best, but it doesn’t ever seem to be good enough for the CEO or for the employees.”

This topic, in particular the CEO/CPO relationship, will be the subject of legendary CEO coach, Jerry Colonna’s talk at our Human Intelligence Invitational.
DEFINITELY READ THIS: This short essay (4 min read) from the President of the UVA on Inclusion in the aftermath of yet another social media battle is nothing short of perfect (at least in my opinion). It’s an accurate analysis of our environment and inspiring in its hopeful vision for the future. One key takeaway:

  • “All of which is to say that inclusion, at this stage of human progress, is complicated and a bit messy. It’s not linear. It’s not altogether consistent. It’s about both bonding with “your people,” however defined, and bridging to meet and develop relationships with those who are not yet “your people”…thus leading folks to “have a much broader view of who they consider “their people.””

READ THIS (RELATED): As you may know, I often find parallels between sport and work when it comes to building strong cultures and effective teams. This week I read a useful article on how the head coach of UVAs NCAA Champion Lacrosse Team introduced “Culture Thursdays” and helped strengthening the team dynamic and, subsequently, drive results. I think the idea translates into companies quite naturally.

WATCH THIS (RELATED):  I dug up a few videos that are related to inclusion, bias and the like. Here’s a video of Meetup’s former Head of Talent & Culture on how Meetup broke up their boy’s club.

WATCH THIS (RELATED):  Also, here’s one of Meetup’s former VPE speaking at one of our events on her experience fighting in-group, out-group bias during her candidate journey.

WATCH THIS (RELATED):  Finally, here’s a video from HR Uncubed 2018 called “Diversity & Inclusion Meets Design Thinking”. Give it a watch.

CONSIDER THIS (ALWAYS UNRELATED): I was chatting with a coworker today about experimenting with new diets, which reminded me to share this little tool. If you’re thinking about cutting back on meat, then this is a humorously straightforward app to help.

I’m heading to Ireland in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions on great areas to visit outside of Dublin?

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Featured (Direct Connect):

  • Head of People – Snappy: This is a rerun of last week. A Head of People Role at Snappy (watch this video of my take on the opp). Email me if interested & I’ll send more details.
  • Global Manager of People Experience & Inclusion OR Manager of Recruitment – ZX Ventures More reruns of last week for two interesting roles at one of my favorite companies (watch this video of my take on the opportunity). Email me if interested. I’ll send deets.


  • People Experience Associate (NYC) – Bowery Farming (Food Tech)
  • Sr. Tech Recruiter (Contract-NYC) – CreateMe Technologies (Customization/Apparel)
  • Director of Talent & People (NYC) – CreateMe Technologies

VP & Above HR Jobs:

  • VP, People Ops (D.C.) – Upside
  • VP, People (SF) – Calm
  • VP, Total Rewards (NYC) – MongoDB
  • CPO (SF) – MemSQL
  • Director, HR (Seattle) – PayScale

Senior | Director Level & Below HR Jobs:

  • HR Generalist (Cary, NC) – Ubisoft
  • HR Consultant (NYC) – Backstage
  • HR Manager (NYC) – Tribeca Enterprises
  • Tech Recruiter (San Diego) – Ingenu
  • Sr. HR Biz Partner (LA) – The Trade Desk

Companies with multiple HR Jobs:

Uncubed | Make Work Human


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