3 HR Events + Remote Work Tweet Storm + Effective Screening + The Problem with More

May 16, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

Breakfast is on us!

Hi everyone,

They say that only those who experience the deepest valleys can appreciate the greatest peaks. Well, those of us in NY have endured a miserable few days of cold wetness and today, folks, we are opening our inbox, selecting “all” and hitting “delete”…cause it’s time to go outside!

But enough about the weather. I’m back from my short hiatus oversees and into the “HR Uncubed” fury. We’re less than one month out and if you’re just now looking at your June schedule to fit an event in, then head on over to https://hr.uncubed.com. We’ve leveled up the content on the event page to better educate you on our presenters. All speaker pics now have a mini blurb to add context, like this:

Visit https://hr.uncubed.com and check out the lineup and the nearly 200 unique companies represented as attendees.

Enjoy: Remote work won’t go away: This week, I had three really nice conversations on remote work in a 24 hour period. One was earlier today with a friend looking to formalize a remote work policy. One of my suggestions was about the importance of on-boarding, which came from a call I had yesterday with Darcy Boles, who is speaking at HR Uncubed on this exact topic.

And finally, last night I had dinner with a friend of mine. He’s the founder of Podia.com, a fully remote company from the outset. He has some tips laid out for you in this tweet storm.

Attend: Lesbian’s Who Tech & Allies: Our friends at Lesbians Who Tech & Allies are holding their New York Leadership Summit for mid-level and executive LGBTQ women, and non-binary and trans individuals on September 11 -13. This Summit brings together accomplished leaders for an intimate conference focused on technology trends and career growth. Learn more here: lesbianswhotech.org/newyork2019

Read: Is More Better? One of the few blogs I read regularly is Seth Godin’s. Recently, he’s been focusing on the trap of thinking more is better. I’m often faced with this since Uncubed is a career platform for digital talent and recruiters often want to know “how many” people are in your network?” or ” How many applicants will we get?” But it’s no longer about “how many”. It’s about better. Get inspired around this mindset with these 30 second reads: Dancing with Infinity and Reach is Overrated.

Read: Effective Screening: I spotted this article on effective screening tacticsin Tracy Avin’s great newsletter, Post’d. Give it a read.

Attend: The Battle Between HR Humans & HR Bots: 91 of you have RSVP’d to next week’s HR Breakfast cohosted with Hired. It’ll be a doozie and it’s hosted in partnership with KettleSpace at the beautiful Harding’s American Bistro Restaurant on 21st and Park (NYC). Join us.

Have a great weekend,


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