Reinvention in the Workplace

July 3, 2018 By admin

Hope everyone is surviving the heat this month!

In case you’ve been seeking shelter in your air-conditioned office, let me catch you up on last Thursday’s HR Breakfast. Tons of HR professionals braved the thunderstorms to join our discussion with Verizon, Peloton and Uncubed. Attendees walked away with a better understanding of how to ace social media for recruiting, identify great sources for authentic content (your own employees!) and how to use contextualized targeting to stay relevant in the digital age.

For this week, to honor our nation’s 242nd birthday, let’s talk about re-invention. America is revered for its ability to mutate and transform itself (for better or worse) during unpredictable social, economic, and technological change.The workforce is no different. Reinvention is alive and well.

This week’s picks on reinvention:

  • The transformation of marketing and HR: Harvard Business Review discusses how marketing strategies (like merging human interest, goals and revenue) have reinvented and bolstered flagging employee engagement levels.
  • Reinvention desperately needed for the male workforce: Unemployed males, that are not active job seekers, are left absent from this spring’s otherwise rosy unemployment stats. This study points out that their tools for reinventing their careers are deficient. Without improved access to educational opportunities and skills-based instruction, this sector of society will fail to re-enter the workforce.
  • Watch ADstruc metamorphose the media world:Video time! No secret that ADstruc is a trailblazer in advertising but their Project X has completely re-energized ho-hum media buying. By utilizing big data and growing cross-functional collaboration with their engineers, their team is shaking up media strategy.
  • Tesla rethinks the process of building a product: I know most of us work in HR and are not designing Elon’s latest and greatest tech ventures as a side job. However, his process towards design can lend inspiration to HR strategy too. Case in point, the Justworks team displayed how their product design mentality allowed them to improve their diversity & inclusion policy at our conference.

Speaking of reinvention, we’re always supportive of young, aspiring tech experts that are improving their professional development skills. We’ll be organizing for a group of diverse front-end and back-end engineers to visit employers’ offices in the city. If you’re interested in joining us on this venture, please reach out to me.

Have a happy, healthy and safe Fourth of July!

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