Weekly Update: How Much Emotion to Reveal in the Workplace?

September 17, 2018 By admin

It’s always difficult to nail those initial interactions with a company. Whether you’re interviewing or entering your early days as a new hire, it’s a situation fraught with a delicate balance of composure and personality.  People implore candidates to display superb manners (but be themselves), show authenticity (but laugh at the all interviewer’s corny jokes), shake hands confidently (but humbly list your accomplishments). Basically, you must display a polished, all-star personality that no sane employer would ever turn away.

C’mon now, we are all human. Intense high-pressure moments involving employment, money and responsibility don’t necessarily bring out our poised side. Sometimes we crack. We reveal perhaps a bit too much emotion: on our resumes, at the end of the job interview, or in the initial months as a new employee. Is superfluous personal expression really such a bad thing?

Let’s see what others have to say…

This week’s selection:

  • How much personality to put into a resume: There a million components of an ideal resume. However, no surprise here, recruiters don’t have time to identify more than 5 pieces on a resume. Where does your individuality fall within that super quick resume review?
  • Feelings in the workplace:   According to this fascinating Harvard study, women who released frustration, dissent or general emotion in the office tended to have better success in climbing the corporate ladder compared to their more meek counterparts.
  • The worker’s weapon against AI…emotion:  Robots will replace some human jobs in the long run. Don’t fear though. Humans (with our non-artificial emotions) can remain one step ahead regardless of future technological changes.

Per Scholas Event: On September 13th, Uncubed partnered with Per Scholas to host an exclusive employer event. Per Scholas alumni, with years of experience in IT, web development and more, met with esteemed employers such as NBC Universal, Contently, E-Trade, NY Times and 1stdibs. We love working with Per Scholas because they care deeply about their community and  provide their signature tuition-free skills training. It was great to see the alumni in action as they continue to excel in their careers long after graduation day! Past alumni have joined the teams at Citi, Intersection, Bloomberg, and Bank of America to name a few.

HR Breakfast: Uncubed hosts an ongoing HR breakfast series to bring together our HR community in NYC. In June, we hosted a discussion on digital marketing strategies with speakers from Verizon, Uncubed, and Peloton. Interested in checking out the event recap? Watch the video here.

Save the date for Tuesday, October 16th! At Saxon + Parole, we’ll be dining and discussing strategies to prevent a top-tier candidate from jumping ship during the interview process.

Meet developers:
Uncubed works with LaGuardia TechHire – OpenCode to link talented engineers, who have completed a competitive web development program, with others in our community. Their professional profiles can be checked out here

This week, let’s meet Linda Zhou.

  • Linda has a creative mind for aesthetically appealing design (and also a competitive edge when it comes to coding). She placed 1st in a team hackathon and is adept in Javascript, Node, React, CSS, Rails and more. With recent work experience in web development and a full-fledged background in graphic design, she continues to be a versatile individual in the tech world.

Have a great day and make work human,


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