Work vibes (good & bad) + Rise & fall of WeWork + Director level HR jobs + English-accent HR pods + Perfect attendance no more

February 6, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Once upon a time, when I was the illest...

Hi friends,

So between last week’s email and today, I went through one of the illest week’s of my life. And I’m not talking “illest” the way the Beastie Boys use it. I was ill the way Webster & his trusty dictionary use it.

I ended up taking a sick day on Friday, which could be a first for me. I was most definitely that friend gunning for perfect attendance every year in school.

It wasn’t until Sunday that I ventured outside for a walk, only to return fully exhausted and, soon after, clocked in at a 104 fever. But, I’m almost back to my punctilious self, save for some lingering sniffles.

As for this email, last week apparently set some sort of open rate / click rate / nobody unsubscribe rate record for this email. In looking at the data, the mention of “tattoos” drove this lot crazy!

My instinct that you all don’t just wanna hear about HR stuff seems to have been spot on!

Anyway, this week: vibes.

WATCH THiS (INSPIRATION):  To start, get in touch with your vibes people. It’s a lost art and can probably help you best navigate your work-life.

READ THISE (RELATED): In this somewhat related article, this is what happened when one woman woke up to a life of weak vibes and ended her tenure as a 1st grade teacher. She had her reasons, and they’re worth a read.

READ THISE (RELATED): If that article half-depressed you, this one will cheer you up. It’s what one organization is absolutely doing right by breaking from the Zombified education system norms and making real change in the lives of children.

WATCH THIS (WHEN GOOD VIBES FAIL):  In this related mini-doc by Bloomberg, watch The Spectacular Rise & Fall of WeWork.

EVENT (GOOD STUFF): That rise & fall is what launched our Soft Landing series to connect talent affected by layoffs with hiring companies. We’re at it again on February 20th. Candidates from Cargo, IAC, Selfmade and more. Email me if you’d like to reserve a spot. Here’s a blog post on the one we did back in December, if you wanna learn a bit more about the format.

WATCH THiS (WINTER VIBES):  Casper’s gone public. And it’s winter. That means the time is ripe to share this video we made of how Casper delivered a mattress to the north pole with the help of a sled dog team.

WATCH / LISTEN: Last week I promised to deliver you the recording of the Bllueboard/Uncubed collab webinar on building an authentic employer brand with experts from Instacart and The Trade Desk. Well, here it is!

FEATURED HR GIG: Folks, I am overjoyed to announce that there’s yet another killer Head of People & Culture job on the market and it’s at another friend’s company. This time, Snappy. NYC based and growing like wild. Perhaps a little too wild! That’s where you come in. I made a little video about the opp here. Email me if interested.

In other HR & Talent job chatter, the HR & Talent team at NBC is growing. Learn more, join their team and then we’ll be able to work together. How fun!

Separately, if you want us to drum up something special, just for you, then email me and let me know you’re on the hunt.

SUBSCRIBE TO THIS: Last week I recommended that you subscribe to Hung Lee’s weekly email. Well he also has a fancy podcast and Uncubed are sponsoring the next edition featuring the founder of AppCast, Christian Forman. Save your spot here.

CONSIDER THIS (ALWAYS UNRELATED):  In case you missed the Super Bowl (like I did), this article helped me recover the hours lost enjoying SB commercials, by sharing the best ones.

Bye for now,





  • Director or Talent, People & Culture (NYC) – Business Insider
  • People Ops Manager (NYC) – DoSomething.org
  • HR Business Partner (NYC) – Bowery Farming
  • Technical Recruiter (NYC) – Bowery Farming
  • NBC’s HR & Talent Team

VP & Above HR Jobs:

  • Director, People Business Partners (SF) – Okta
  • Director, HR Business Partner (Jersey City or SF) – Clover Health
  • Director, DE&I (NYC) – Greenhouse
  • Director, HR – International (London) – ClassPass
  • Director of HR (Minneapolis) – SmartThings

Senior | Director Level & Below HR Jobs:

  • Senior Manager of People Ops (NYC) – PolicyGenius
  • Talent Acquisition Manager (Berlin) – Dalia
  • HR Program Manager (Phoenix) – DoorDash
  • Global Manager, People & Manager, Recruitment (NYC) – ZX Ventures
  • Learning & Dev Program Manager (SF) – Reddit
  • Technical Recruiter (London) – DICE

Companies with multiple HR Jobs:

  • Datto (Multiple Locations)
  • N26 (Berlin)


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