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February 18, 2021 By Tarek Pertew

Why you shouldn't hate the player...


It’s interesting how much our work dictates what we care about.

I love snow. I think it’s beautiful. It’s fun to play with. It’s magical for children (and adults). But I run a soccer league that struggles to play when it snows. So now I can’t help but hope that it doesn’t snow. And I don’t want to. But when something disrupts your sense of self-preservation, then you’ll look unfavorably upon it.

  • If you’re in the winter coat business, you’re praying for harsh conditions.
  • If you’re an auto-body repair shop, you can’t help but feel a sense of safety/security when car accidents go up.
  • If you build tanks…well war is an appetizing proposition!

That’s not to say we aren’t grateful these companies exist (I just picked up my perfectly repaired car yesterday), but it’s tough to circle that square (so to speak) when companies and, by default, employees, hope for something that the majority of others hope against.

My auto-body shop can’t help but hope for a consistent stream of fender benders. Otherwise, they’d be out of work. Oil companies and their employees aren’t hoping for green alternatives to oil. Pharmaceutical companies and their employees are not hoping for cheap, holistic solutions to illness.

We want to believe that leaders and companies have the best interest of the majority in their mind. That if a holistic treatment to cure cancer surfaced, then drug companies would collectively kneel in gratitude. But that will never happen. Too many livelihoods are at stake. Holistic solutions to illness are, in fact, a threat.

To survive and thrive, Amazon will always eat small businesses. It doesn’t matter if it’s Bezos or Bozo at the helm. Facebook will always sell your data (and solicit more data to sell). It doesn’t matter who’s leading Facebook. That’s simply how they make their money.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Anyway, the emerging workforce is starting to really catch on to this. They don’t want to work for companies that benefit from the downfall of others. Soon, they’ll be savvy enough to avoid employers that put on a good show, but don’t mean it (like this company).

Think about your own self-preservation mechanisms and whether or not they come into dissonance with your values and ethical foundation. Do they conflict with your inner child? And, if they do, then what’s your next move?


Last week I asked about this new mobile first webinar / interactive podcast app called Clubhouse. In short:

  • 36% of you are NOT on clubhouse, but want to be (I can send a handful of you an invite, just hit reply)
  • 27% of you have never heard of Clubhouse
  • 25.5% of you are on Clubhouse, but looking for better HR/EB content
  • 10% of you have no interest in joining Clubhouse (probably for the better)
  • 1.5% of you are on Clubhouse and already getting good content

This week: Let’s do something fun again. Would you risk getting caught wearing those feet shoes (pictured) by a friend that likes to make fun of other friends in a group WhatsApp chat?

I am the friend that makes fun of other friends on WhatsApp

*As always, your answer is 100% anonymous, even to me.


Below are weekly reads, watches, and/or listens:

  • READ AND ATTEND (SOCIAL CHANGE):  This week, we asked the Uncubed team to read this useful article on being an ally in the workplace. A great takeaway is a simple reminder to make space, not take up space.
  • READ THIS (DIVERSITY HIRING): I had a nice call with the Commissioner for NYC Dept. of Veterans’ Services yesterday on the work they are doing with SkillBridge, which helps service members re-enter the workforce by investing in training, development and relevant work experience during the last 180 days of service. For you, it’s a cost efficient, no risk program to provide remote job experiences to transitioning Service Members. Learn more here or reach out to the Department of Veterans’ Services here: [email protected].
  • READ THIS (EMPLOYER BRANDING): If you’ve ignored previous “How To” guides to employer branding OR if you prefer to communicate in Spanish, then this guide to improving your employer brand will prove helpful (translates into English).
  • ALWAYS UNRELATED (COVID): Nice to hear that there are finally advancements in non-vaccine related treatments for COVID-19. This new anti-body treatment out of UVA is showing real promise. Keep your eyes peeled.

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