The 5 Best Career Pages

April 13, 2018 By admin


LearnVest’s—a financial planning firm—career page is interactive, fun, and hilarious. Visitors to the page meet team members through a background video where members dance and high-five as they walk by. Their benefits page is complete with GIFS corresponding to the benefits.


Huge, a company born in Brooklyn, focuses on unified brand experiences to change industries and promote meaningful relationships with is users. The company’s career page plays a beautiful video showing the kind of inviting, visual culture that you’d expect from a high-profile, Brooklyn-based digital agency. They outline what they call their “5 Values” that the company embraces in a straightforward manner – in general, it’s a good sign when you don’t have to dig too far to find what a company says it stands for.


Oath is a new branch of Verizon, some of their brands include Tumblr, HuffPost, TechCrunch, and #BuiltByGirls. Their career page makes it clear that “opportunity is infinite” with the mission of “building brands people love.”  The top of the page features a 360 video that visits every one of their offices. Additionally, on their career page is the interactive map showing jobs by location. Click on the dot and it will take you to that page to apply.  


M&CSAATCHI MOBILE focuses on “mobile as a powerful marketing tool for brands.” Their career page is super fun and gives visitors a good sense of the type employee candidates would be working with. One of their sections “a bit about our people” shows the percentage of employees that enjoy dogs over cats, hip-hop over rock, and a lot of other random entertaining facts giving the visitor a good sense of the company spirit.


Bloomberg—a privately held financial software, data, and media company—career page shows a backstage look at office life. Their page is easy to navigate and answers all your questions.


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