5 Resources to Keep Up to Date With LA’s Tech Scene

June 9, 2015 By admin

A growing tech sector is all well and good – but if a startup launches by the beach, and nobody hears about it, does it ever really launch at all? Fortunately for Los Angeles, the startup community is flourishing. Local tech publications are popping up left and right to cover all of the action. Let’s take a look at the best ways to keep up to date.

  • LA Tech Digest  – LA Tech Digest admits to being “one big honkin’ advertisement for LA” – and that’s far from a knock on their content. They cover local events, job opportunities, and the occasional startup party, all in hopes of promoting LA’s tech identity.

  • Built in LA – Similarly, Built in LA features LA tech events, job opportunities, and funding rounds, though they feature both staff posts and guest contributions to give a well-rounded view of all LA’s startup happenings.

  • TechZulu – Though based in LA, TechZulu covers the startup world both by the beach and beyond. Their live Web television platform provides some top notch real time reporting, and their coverage ranges from business deep dives to app explainers.

  • socalTECH.com – An old guard of LA’s tech coverage, socalTECH.com has been breaking local tech news in Southern California since 1998. The publication provides an event calendar, jobs page, and venture database as well.

  • Tech.co Los Angeles – Tech.Co’s reach expands far beyond Los Angeles – but their LA coverage is no slouch, either. They feature product launches, influential people, and available tech jobs in the LA area.

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