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Announcing Changes to Our Email Content for Members

May 22, 2018 By Chris Johnson

We’re making some exciting changes to the email content that Uncubed members receive.

Until now, we’ve been delivering a combination of: 1) our own editorial articles, featuring companies of interest and tips and tricks for working smarter and better, and 2) a digest of recommended job opportunities, increasingly tailored by our technology to each member’s skills, experience, and interest. Those were delivered in separate subscriptions.

Effective today, we’re consolidating into a single subscription. This will allow us to deliver more job opportunities to our members, and to invest more in the technology that generates our matched recommendations. Fear not, however. Each week, you’ll still get our editorial take on what’s happening out there – it’ll just be shorter, and will rely more heavily on links back to our site (where all of our content is available), and elsewhere. This allows us more space to deliver access to more job opportunities.

Members will now get the following emails:

  • Saturday – Jobs roundup. It’s the weekend, it’s straight to the point.
  • Tuesday – Our take on things to pay attention to out there. Plus jobs.
  • Select Thursdays – A quick feature on a company we’re particularly close to. Plus jobs.

Like it? Don’t like it? We’ll keep an eye out for your feedback here – and we’ll keep tweaking based on what’s working and what isn’t.

And thanks for being part of the community, as always.


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