Announcing Uncubed & Mediabistro’s Q3 Social Partner: NPower

September 23, 2020 By Chris Johnson

In June, we published our plan to make a larger impact, as a company, on issues of social injustice and racial inequality. This came after weeks of discussion and deliberation as a team, where one of the emerging themes was that we wanted to make it a sustained, long-run focus.

To that end, the program now has dedicated space our quarterly and annually goals, which has so far been effective in keeping our effort top-of-mind for the entire team. As part of the commitment, we will select a different social good partner that we find to be doing particularly valuable work to promte each quarter.

Our support will include a monetary donation, dedicated space across our newsletters, blog, and social channels–and the contribution of other resources including complimentary video assets access to our video studio.

Our inaugural selection is Brooklyn-based NPower, whose mission is a powerful one: “to move people from poverty to middle class through tech skills training and quality job placement”.

This selection signifies the respect we’ve developed for NPower in the 5+ years we’ve been working with them, and the potent impact of their work. For 20 years, NPower has been training students from underserved communities for technology careers. The current offering includes its flagship tech fundamentals program along with advanced tracks in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and software development. The programs range from 13-16 weeks, in addition to paid internship and other practical project experience.

Through NPower, the training is free of charge and applicants do not need to have tech skills to qualify. We’ve been to their classroom and seen the rigor of the training; it’s extremely demanding. We’ve been to the graduations, and have heard the success stories of alumni; it’s incredibly moving.

NPower is headquartered in Brooklyn with additional locations in New Jersey, Missouri, Dallas, Baltimore, San Francisco, Detroit, and 5 locations across Canada. Impressively, they have navigated through 2020 without significant disruption to their schedule. Training is being delivered virtually to all students as plans evolve for a return to in-person instruction.

Included in their 2020 initiatives are 40 by 22, an NPower program to help young women of color advance in technology (see the program’s impressive to-date results here) and its growing alliance with the Dept. of Defense to deliver tech training to military veterans and their spouses at military bases.

(In conjunction with the 40 by 22 program, NPower authored a 54-page research report called Strategies for Propelling Women of Color in Technology. Organizations would do well to make this required reading for their leadership.)

We encourage all of our employer-partners to consider hiring from NPower’s program and to considering joining their partner commission. Similarly, we’d encourage everyone in our community to learn more about NPower here, and to apply if it’s a fit for you, or forward to friends or colleagues who may benefit.


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