Attracting senior engineers + What billionaires buy + Building a great hiring process + Access to diverse talent

February 7, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

Some great reads this week. Plus a word on home-schooling...

Happy Thursday, again. The weeks just fly right on by these days.

I’m leaving for Brazil this Saturday. It’s my annual trip to visit my family (by marriage). Turns out both my passport and driver’s license needed renewal. Miraculously it was rather simple to pull both of those off, even with the government shutdown in effect (at the time).

[Pro Tip: New Yorkers – go to the DMV at Bowling Green. I was in and out in 20 minutes.]

Know engineers who like planes, trains, and automobiles?

Hot off the press is this video of how Flexport guides shipments through weather disruptions. In short, even a typhoon won’t separate you from your new nail polish, and this engineer explains how. But if boats don’t float your boat, maybe this video on how Lime uses data to keep scooters charged and in charge will.

These videos are part of Uncubed’s partnership with Amazon to produce content that shows a company’s impact through the lens of its engineers. For me, this is how you attract engineers to your company.

For other tips on attracting senior engineers to your company, read this (H/T to Hung Lee).

Creating a hiring process that works. First Round published a very thoughtful piece on smart hiring tactics. It’s well researched, features real people and their strategies (also H/T Hung Lee).

A very entertaining must read: Wanna know what extremely rich people (well, men, from the perspective of this post) spend money on that folks like us don’t? Enjoy this answer on Reddit.

Finally, do you have a toxic sales culture? This may help.

Hiring a CHRO? There is a very seasoned and thoughtful HR executive quietly considering new roles. They get my full stamp of approval. Based outside of NYC, so prefers remote, highly flexible, or local to southern New England. Email me.

Hiring diverse Tech Talent? (you’re saying “yes,” but this is for folks that mean it): Our partners at NYC Tech Talent Pipeline and City College of New York (CCNY) have developed a competitive computer science program to educate and train qualified tech talent. The city will cover Spring co-op costs, you would only pay for the Summer hours. Learn more here.

On the west coast? [EVENTS]: Our friends at HackingHR have a couple of events coming up in LA and SF. Get on their list (and use code UNCUBED-10).

School me (seriously):
For the parents on this list, particularly those in major cities, now is also the “register your toddler into an expensive school” time of the year. But I’m excited to announce that we will be bucking this trend and, starting this summer, will be homeschooling Calila. We actually couldn’t be more excited. If you have tips, pass them over!



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