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October 29, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Why not grow your own garlic?

A week of ups and downs.

We were able to successfully host our annual coed soccer tournament on Governors Island this past weekend and we’re making progress on refinishing our floors up at the farm. Despite the labor and monotony of it all, there’s something quite enjoyable about this type of work (when for the most part you sit at a computer all day).

The bad news is really bad news. I’m going to allow myself to relive it here, with you, as I journal the experience.

Yesterday, heading to the grocery store along main road to Delhi from Andes, I hit a doe. The whole experience was traumatic.

It was dark and misty outside. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a deer appears just 20 yards in front of me.

It’s exactly as you’ve seen it in the movies. The deer, standing perfectly still with a spotlight on it, watched with glowing eyes as I approached at what now felt like an ungodly speed, despite practically flooring the brake pedal.

I felt the anti-lock system working overtime and relied entirely on instinct to steer the car left, right or center to avoid impact.

At first, I instinctually recognized the direction the deer was headed: crossing to the left side of the road. So, I steered right.

The deer, finally sensing danger, instinctually made a move to return where it came from. So, I quickly steered left.

But the deer, reacting opposite to my every instinct, tried to go back the other way.

There was silence as the car finally stopped, only a fraction of a second past impact.

My first thought was that surely the deer would survive. You hear the stories of how deer do more damage than the car. I thought the car had slowed sufficiently enough to avoid irreparable harm. But I looked back and the deer was motionless in the middle of the road.

Soon, though, it raised its head and silently tried to gather her senses. By this time, a local hunter happened to be the first car to stop and came to help. He realized quickly that the deer’s back was broken, as her back legs weren’t moving. He was able to drag her affectionately to the side of the road, where he comforted her until the sheriff could come and end the suffering.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever hit an animal (I’ll ask in today’s poll), but the experience is traumatic. Having chosen to go vegan in an effort to minimize my role in harm to animals, it was particularly unsettling.

I’ll end this story with the only words I heard the hunter say:

“I hunt these animals regularly, but I do not like to see them suffer”.

Today’s poll: From last week’s poll, it appears that 63% of you love bananas in your cereal. And somehow, 12% of you have never tried. Shame on you.

THIS WEEK’S POLL: Have you ever been in car, either as driver or passenger, and hit an animal?

Yes, as the driver
Yes, as a passenger

*Please note, your choice is always anonymous. Not even I can see who chooses what.


And onto the weekly reads, watches, and listens:

  • MUST READ (EMPLOYER BRANDING): I consider this article on why companies overlook employer branding a must read. Here are a couple of excerpts:
    • “employer brand’ has also become a bit of a buzzphrase, so senior leaders often say they want to go down this path without understanding what it really means.”
    • “Everything about the customer journey needs to be mirrored in the employee journey, from the moment of recruitment to the point of sale.”
  • ALWAYS UNRELATED (FOOD):  We just planted (cold-weather) garlic up here at the farm. You can too, if you’d like. Just give this video a watch.

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