A beautiful message to women + Testimonial to aspiring CPOs + Calling all recruiters + Not your average speaker + The reckoning has come

February 27, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Plus a beautiful tribute from Michael Jordan

Hi friends,

TLDR: A response to last week’s top article, a major speaker announcement, a beautiful tribute, and a call for recruiters looking for a new challenge.

If there’s one thing I learned from last week’s email, it’s that quite a few of you are apparently trying to eat less meat (that link was the 3rd most clicked….of like 100 links).

Real quick, this…

DID YOU KNOW: I thought I’d share a fun etymology I learned this week: “to be taken with a grain of salt”.

This essentially suggests you should listen to something with a degree of skepticism. It comes from the literal addition of a pinch of salt to help certain foods go down easier. So there you have it…

and real quick, this…

Now onto HR news…

DEFINITELY READ THIS: Last week I featured an article on The Worst Best Worst Job in Tech. It was the runaway winner in terms of clicks. Since then, I’ve seen the article make the rounds. Katie Burke at Hubspot penned a beautiful response with this testimonial to the CPO job, with guidance on what to expect (for those aspiring).

Take it with a grain of salt….

jk…it most definitely does not need salt. I just wanted to fit that in somewhere.

EVENT (SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT): If you’ve had the opportunity to meet our team in person, you know just how much we believe the HR function underutilizes its powers and how, thankfully, that is changing.

As the demand for world-positive businesses continues and keeping employees happy becomes more unique in its challenges, HR leaders are going to play a stronger role in shaping the overall direction & strategy of their company.

We see it as our job to help motivate HR & Talent leaders to make “no excuses” in their efforts to create a better work-life world.

This is why we are inviting Kyle Maynard, quadruple amputee, mixed martial arts athlete, creator of No Excuses Crossfit Gym and author of “the NYT Bestseller, No Excuses, to open our Human Intelligence Invitational in June.

More to come on that.

READ THIS (DISASTER): It appears that we are in for more news and banter about the decline of major technology companies, resulting in layoffs, shuttered doors and, quite likely, scandal. This NYT piece speaks about the unavoidable reckoning that has arrived.

LOOKING FOR A INTERNAL RECRUITING GIG? Dabbling with a change and thinking about taking your recruiting chops to a new challenge? If so, hit reply. We have a very interesting opportunity for you

Uncubed | Mediabistro News: A member of this most excellent HR community discovered a role we recently featured and is now joining that company. A beautiful thing (we hope).

CONSIDER THIS (ALWAYS UNRELATED): If you’re anywhere in and around my generation, then Michael Jordan probably holds a special place in your memory, if not your heart. It’s been a long time since he’s been on the tele, but this tribute speech to Kobe Bryant makes for a worthy return.

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Global Manager of People – ZX Ventures

  • This is a People Business Partner
  • Work with different areas of the business to work on strategy and help execute people cycle and processes
  • 3-6 years’ work experience
  • Strong, people-oriented leaders from the business side (not critical) who are eager to make a difference in the people function

Recruiter – ZX Ventures

  • Will conduct full life-cycle recruitment across all functions of the business
  • 3-5 years of experience as a full life-cycle recruiter either in-house, at an agency or both



  • HR Generalist (Remote), Regional Recruiter (CA), TA Administrator (NYC) – Plus One, An Optum Company
  • Talent & Culture Coordinator (Sonoma, CA), Assistant Director of Talent & Culture (San Jose) – Fairmont Hotels

VP & Above HR Jobs:

  • Director, HR Business Partner (Foster City, CA) – Visa
  • Director, HR (Burlingame, CA) – Zinier
  • Director, Comp & Benefits (Bloomington, MN) – Renaissance
  • Director, Recruiting & HR (Seattle) – Usermind
  • Director, HR Operations (NYC) – Uncommon Schools
  • VP, Total Rewards (NYC) – MongoDB

Senior | Director Level & Below HR Jobs:

  • Sr. Sourcer, Business Talent (SF) – Affirm
  • Talent Acquisition Partner, Technology (Watertown, MA)
  • Talent Acquisition Coordinator (NYC) – UNTUCKit
  • HR Business Partner (Tel Aviv) – SimilarWeb
  • HR Business Partner (NYC) – Taboola
  • Recruiting Coordinator (Austin) – RetailMeNot

Companies with multiple HR Jobs:


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