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November 7, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

The exact same thing happened again ūüí©

Hi friends,

Welcome new subscribers! I’m sure to lose many of you after the below story.

For the rest of you, remember a couple of weeks back when I commented on getting my parking spot scooped and then, after finally finding another spot, stepped in a pile of dog poo?

Well, last Thursday I was making a turn onto my street, when a rather exuberant trick-or-treating parent said to me as I passed “Look at this ____ off” (the blank word rhymes with “perk”). In fairness, it was Halloween and I¬†was dressed as a cloud, but it struck me as absurdly rude.¬†So, I stopped and had a minor confrontation before moving on to find a parking spot. I proceeded to exit the car and step in yet another pile of dog crap.

It got me thinking that surely we are living in a Matrix. Someone programmed me to rent a car, have an unfriendly engagement with a local, then park the car before stepping¬†in poop. Clearly there was a glitch in our simulation’s working memory and thus it happened again.

Anyway. That was a week ago. I’m mostly over it, save for checking the bottom of my shoes way more now then I ever did before.

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In HR related news:

This morning we had an outstanding HR Breakfast discussing marketing statistics, tools and strategies for building out an employer brand. A special thanks Morgan Chaney for leading and to those who contributed, especially Jess Katz from MongoDB for sharing so much of her employer branding expertise. She also stuck around to join me and Allison Covarrubias at Aircall for a post-event dialog on conscious living (and working).

Attending companies hiring for HR: Also of the companies that attended, quite a few are hiring for roles in HR, including Thirty Madison, CaaStle, Group Nine Media, Gemini, Foot Locker, ThinkHuman, Digiday, MSG, WMG, Blueline Capital, Indeed, 1stdibs, Innovid, MongoDB, Knotel, DonorsChoose.org, and Persado.

Go get ’em!

READ THIS:¬†Definitely, definitely read¬†this excellent article by Wistia¬†(one of my favorite companies). It’s about measuring brand affinity, which is one of the major areas HR folks struggle when trying to justify an employer branding investment.

READ THIS: And here is a well-written and funny data-driven approach to measuring employer brand effectiveness.

READ THIS: A popular topic shared today was the importance of engaging employees to power your brand. So, on that note, check out this article on how you can celebrate individuals.

WATCH THIS:¬†Here’s a Quartz video¬†of Brandless founder, Tina Sharkey, on defining your mission. Short and useful.

READ THIS:¬†The kind of authenticity customers are willing to pay more for.¬†So, this has nothing to do with hiring, but everything to do with the growing power of being authentic, which was perhaps the most common theme in this morning’s conversation. In this article, you’ll learn a bit about being authentic to your genre (industry) vs being authentic to your values, and how it plays out with customers (candidates).

READ THIS:¬†People are overworked and losing their personal identity. Some companies are taking¬†a stand against it. Check out¬†this article on TED¬†to see how it’s improving employee engagement. Here are some key take-aways:

  • FullContact pays workers a $7500 stipend to go on a vacation. If an employee does any work (even a single email), the employee must return the stipend.
  • Daimler offers employees a program that automatically deletes emails they receive while on vacation.
  • France passed a law in January 2017 banning work email after hours.
  • South Korea¬†rolled out a government initiative that automatically shuts down employees‚Äô computers at 8PM on Fridays.


Storytelling & Hiring Engineers. As you may know, Uncubed has focused on helping companies show off their stories. Stories that matter to candidates. A while back, we began about a year-long experiment with our version of a curation & placement service, One that leverages our storytelling expertise to encourage selected candidates to meet a company.

We’re excited to announce that we have added multiple people to support this team and are expanding the solution to help all companies. That means you, if you’re in need of support. Just hit reply and I’ll redirect you to the right folks.

Office Branding:¬†Viewing this on mobile? We recently wrapped up a great EVP campaign. Take a gander at¬†our Instagram story¬†which shows¬†the¬†#dreambigger campaign¬†fully integrated into ZX Ventures’ Shanghai Office.

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