Our Most Boring Video Yet?

January 19, 2017 By admin

We’re launching a series of videos on employee stock options. This could be the most boring thing we’ve ever put on video for some – but we’re hoping it’s valuable for everyone else.

These will go with the other career videos on our site, which include insights on resumes, interviews, and other tactics directly from a bunch of great companies.

A good many of the startups and other companies that Uncubed has worked with offer stock options to employees. Yet like with a lot of financial topics, it’s my opinion that there isn’t enough good, clear information out there about employee stock options.

This leads to surprises down the road, most of which are unpleasant.

So these videos are our attempt to get people grounded in the basics of something that’s supposed to be a key part of an employee’s compensation package at startups.

The first video is a basic introduction to what they are and how they work. (For example, I often hear people refer to stock options as “shares”. They’re not shares at all – they actually represent the right to buy shares. We try to clarify basic things like that.)


And in the second video, we dive a little deeper, laying out four key concepts to understand as it relates to stock options – whether you’re an employee receiving an options grant or you are a hiring manager making an offer.


Hope it’s helpful. People just don’t talk about this stuff openly enough. Stay tuned for more videos on the same topic.

And, if you haven’t had your financial fix yet, check out the Personal Finance Guide we put together awhile back.

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