A breakup poem + Remote engagement tools + A special D&I moment + Employer branding don’ts

December 3, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Plus plenty of HR & Talent jobs...


I hope you were able to enjoy a safe and memorable holiday last week and weekend. I got to build a monster truck course with my daughter and nephews. Unfortunately, I don’t have any media on that to share with you.

In life news, I am making a major move and switching banks. After what has been an ongoing decline in performance and customer service, I am saying goodbye to Capital One after 20 years and transitioning 4 accounts (personal, joint, savings and business).

While writing this email, I’ve decided to pen a little poem to commemorate the moment:

When banking becomes more rigid
and customer service more frigid
loyalty begins to shake
and moves one must make.

Being with you is the opposite of fun
I’m talking to you, Capital One.

You need to change your ways very fast
or soon we’ll be calling you, Capital Last.

I tested out the newly minted Mercury bank, but it’s just too green on many fronts. So, after loads of research, I’ve switched to Axos Bank. Let’s hope it’s a smart move 🤞

Got any banking tips?

In HR news, remember when we all spent so much time in spring & summer planning our return to work? What a different world that was. Companies aren’t only ditching offices, they’re ditching cities (well, Silicon Valley at least)!

Onto the rest…

Today’s poll: Last week I asked you where you’d like to “haunt” upon receiving word from God that it would be your final mission. A whopping 25% of you said a resort in the Seychelles or Bora Bora. I think you missed the point. It’s not a vacation, people! Anyway, 19% said you’d haunt your partner (should they outlive you) and 16% said the White House.

THIS WEEK’S POLL: Let’s talk about career pages. How do you feel about your company’s career page?

Absolutely love it.
It’s fine.
It needs work.
Honestly, I hate it.

*Please note, your choice is always anonymous. Not even I can see who chooses what.


And onto the weekly reads, watches, and listens:

  • ATTEND THIS (CAREER UPGRADE): If you know someone in media that may be interested in a career boost, then send them here to join the media career makeover. Spots limited (get 25% off with TREAT25).
  • READ THIS (EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT): I read today about a startup founded by UVa grads that engages remote employees with quizzes. Check it out here.
  • READ THIS (EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT): Somewhat related, Justworks just published an article on getting the kids (read: employees) together for a virtual party. Learn how.
  • READ THIS (CULTURE): 🙏 Rest in Peace to Jessica Vollman, a NYC based CEO of Fluent City and former Mediabistro employee, who died tragically last month when she was hit by a truck. So many have benefitted from her work and long will it continue. So that you can, too, can benefit directly from her work, please read this piece she wrote in Forbes on rules for building an empathic culture.
  • ALWAYS UNRELATED (FOOTY):  A big, big, big high five ✋ to Stéphanie Fappart who became the first woman to ref a Champion’s League match after already breaking barriers when she became the first woman to referee a major men’s European match and a French Ligue 1 match.

Also, RIP Maradona 😢.

Bye for now,





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