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October 24, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

It's busy season in HR...


Sometimes you just can’t get enough of NYC and classic NYC moments. Other days, you couldn’t leave fast enough.

Classic NYC

This past Sunday, I was looking for a parking spot in Brooklyn. Painful. It took ages, but I finally found one and put on my blinker to signify my intent when, someone, someone jumped in front of me and and scooped the spot. When I pulled up and gave them the “did you just do that” look, their verbal response was “Sorry pal. It’s NYC. You’re too slow”.

Good stuff.

I carried on and found another less desirable spot about 20 min later. I parked, opened my door and proceeded to step right in a pile of doggy 💩that someone didn’t care to pick up.

So, that’s how my week started. But it’s finishing on a high!

A Better Business World

Currently I’m at the Work Awesome (& Workie Awards) conference where the theme is building socially conscious companies. Later tonight, I’ll be the Future of Work Forum, which hopefully picks up where this conversation leaves off.

For those that really know me (or came to the previous HR Uncubed conference), you know how torn I am about the nature of capitalism and the “mechanisms” (like the stock market) that ensure nothing really changes.

For instance, Zuckerberg get’s lots of stick for how he’s approached data & privacy at Facebook. But Facebook was always going to end up here. With or without Zuck. The same can be said about Big Pharma, Big Finance and more. The mechanisms at play to keep these companies thriving are far greater predictors of behavior than the leadership team.

This is my opinion. And based on that, I recommend that you pay attention to the mechanisms that keep your business thriving, because it is informing your own behavior as a professional.

For more thoughts on this, see below:

READ (related): A new documentary is out discussing profits over people. It’s essentially A How-To For More Ethical Businesses.

READ (related): I haven’t read Building Social Business yet, but this book literally fell on a friend’s head at an Airbnb and she proceeded to read it. So, shoutout to Kristy McCann Flynn (of GoCoach fame – and funny enough, as I’m typing this, GoCoach just won a Workie Award for best coaching program! Also, I’m an advisor to GoCoach – which is a #mechanism that ensures I give them positive shot outs, amirite?)

WATCH (related): A couple of TED Talks for you: Why we need to rethink capitalism? and Is capitalism saving or destroying us?

In other news, is it just me, or is it busy season in the HR world? I’ve had more inbounds & emails from HR folks this month than pretty much every month preceding. Surely that means it’s HR planning season!

EVENT: HR Breakfast:  So, if part of your 2020 plan involves budgeting for Employer Branding content and/or tools, then make sure to attend our next HR breakfast on November 7th. Former Googler and current Senior Director of Marketing at Blueboard is going to school us on marketing strategies and tools for Talent folks.

READ (related): To help you get started, she sent me this very useful presentations to share with you.

UNCUBED NEWS (related): It’s college recruiting season and that means Uncubed is in the middle of our biggest intern and entry-level campaign of the year. This is where we design a “story” (usually video) for companies hiring college students and market it to hundreds of universities.

Students are at the most intentional period of their lives when it comes to the job search and you’ve probably not witnessed the power of good storytelling until you’ve used as part of your college recruiting suite.

If you’re hiring interns or entry level (particularly developers), drop me a line. Time is of the essence.

SPECIAL THANKS:  A quick thanks to Hired and Peloton for the invite to their live podcast viewing this past week. Nice group of folks. The Glossier team in particular brought the energy. Thanks to GoCoach for the invite to this great Work Awesome conference. Thanks to letgo for forgiving me when I missed our scheduled call!

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