Bustle Media Group’s Secret to Success? Product and Engineering

October 16, 2019 By Conor Armor

In an unpredictable digital media landscape, Bustle Media Group has thrived, as it continues to grow its portfolio of high-traffic content hubs. So what’s giving Bustle a leg up on the competition? The Bustle product and engineering team, for starters.

Along with their many other responsibilities, Bustle’s P+E team migrates each new brand that Bustle Media Group acquires onto the same tech stack, and empowers their editorial teams and outside publishers by creating easily repeatable branded content templates.

One thing Bustle’s P+E team¬†doesn’t have to worry about: managing server load, even when traffic spikes.

They leave that task to Amazon Web Services — and you can learn more about how AWS has helped power Bustle’s success here.



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