Can’t miss HR events + A new podcast celebrity + Speedos + How distributed teams work + Leaning in on D&I

February 21, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

Plus an unusual amount of tech recruiter jobs...

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A surprise shoutout to the newsletter from Katherine DiCioccio of Greenhouse has added quite a few new faces to this list. So, “hi” to the newbies and thanks for the vote of confidence, Katherine.

I’m back from the countryside of Brasilia. T’was a wonderful adventure. I jumped from quite some distance near a waterfall. Amazed I summoned the courage to do so. Or rather how easily I still succumb to peer pressure. Anyway, I also managed to injure my eardrum in the process. Go figure.

Moral of the story? Never stop being a kid.

Rather, never stop being a kid and be sure to have earplugs handy.

[Look closely for the falling object. And the answer is “yes,” that’s a Speedo I’m wearing…

(When in Rome.)]

Event: In news that you actually care about, we’ve got another wonderful HR Breakfast for you. This time we’re pairing up with GoCoach to go all in on keeping employees engaged, happy and fulfilled. Join us in two weeks for great food, coffee, and conversation on the waterfront courtesy of the lovely teams at Spacious and Platterz. Go ahead and RSVP here.

In case you missed it (partner tip): About a month ago I featured Managed by Q’s Workplace Trends Report. It’s wonderful, easy on the eyes, thorough, and most certainly worth a read.

HR Uncubed

We have very important topics to cover at this year’s HR Uncubed conference and we’re building out programming that provides you, dear reader-turned-attendee, with “plays” for your proverbial “HR playbook”. So, starting today and every week leading up to the conference, I’m going to feature a little HR Uncubed section with content related to what experts will be covering at the event, starting with:

Flexible Work: It’s all the rage and it’s only getting more popular. At Uncubed, we have two weekly work-from-anywhere (WFA) days and I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future we become fully distributed. It’s an important trend to stay on top of and this 5m TED video of Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress) explains why it’s the future and provides tips on making it work.

What exactly is Employer Branding? (Alt. Title: Unsure of what my voice sounds like?): Normally I’d say “if you’ve got nothing better to do, then listen to this,” but I’ve given it a listen back and I think it’ll do the job in changing how you think about your talent marketing approach in 2019.

In other words, spend your next commute listening to this Employee Cycle podcast about employer branding.

Diversity & Inclusion: D&I continues to be the #1 topic request amongst the Uncubed HR community. This week, please take the time to read this article on how the University of Virginia is investing in understanding diversity & inclusion, the difference between equality and equity, and whether or not colorblindness is a reasonable north star.

Some takeaways:

  • How do I, as someone who has dozens of applications to review on paper, do this work?” Wiencek said. “I’ve never met this person. Do I already have biases in my mind – the way their name sounds, what their age or experience level is, whether they attended an online university – that could impact their admission? All these factors can feed bias.”
  • “Diversity is a contact sport – you don’t win it from the stands,” he added. “And if equality gets us into the stadium, equity will help us win the game.”

Next week I hope we’ll be ready to drop some eye-popping 👀HR Uncubed news. Hold onto your seats in the meantime (btw, early bird pricing ends in a week…oh and that 2 for 1 code from a previous email is still active 🤭…you’ll have to go dig it up!).



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