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February 11, 2021 By Tarek Pertew

Plus, terrifying news (from 2011)


At times I look at my toaster and think “I wish instead of toasting this sandwich, you could just clone it”. I had a “clone my sandwich” moment today. So tasty. Not enough.

In other news, Uncubed has a new look! We’ve updated our logo (here’s a parody of the last time we updated it) and relaunched our website to reflect the 2021 version of ourselves. The only thing missing is our new Uncubed Studios site, which will be live next week. Stay tuned.

In personal news, big week for artificial and natural repairs. In addition to our website, I took my car to the auto body shop to fix the damage inflicted when I hit a deer back in December. In human repair news, I’m getting an MRI on my knee tomorrow afternoon to see what the issue is there!

New Year New Everything!

In HR news, i’m keeping my eyes and ears peeled for what will be the inevitable onslaught of “office of the future” designs that honor the flexible work-life we now expect, while encouraging people to pop on into an office from time to time. If you have anything excellent to share on this front, please do.


Last week I wanted to learn which downside of remote work worries you the most as it relates to your employees. Here are the results:

  • 41% Working too many hours
  • 30.5% Not seeing coworkers face to face
  • 24.5% Not taking enough breaks
  • 4% Failure to get work done properly
  • 0% Not enough management oversight

This week: We’ve received multiple requests to get a Clubhouse room going. So, let’s see what you’re thinking on that front:

I’m on Clubhouse and looking for better HR / Employer Branding content
I’m on Clubhouse and have already found great HR / Employer Branding content
I’m not on Clubhouse, but want to be (requires invite)
I have no interest in joining Clubhouse
I’ve never heard of Clubhouse

*As always, your answer is 100% anonymous, even to me.


Below are weekly reads, watches, and/or listens:

  • READ AND ATTEND (SOCIAL CHANGE):  This is just a reminder that all BIPOC-owned and led businesses are eligible to receive a 60% discount on our job boards. That includes HR postings here, Mediabistro job postings here, and Uncubed postings here.
  • Also – how brands can sustain the BLM movement in 2021.
  • READ THIS (EMPLOYER BRANDING): In case you’ve wondered or needed a better understanding of how recruitment and talent acquisition were different, you may find this article useful.
  • ALWAYS UNRELATED (COVID): This week a friend of mine emailed me and said “I found this Gizmodo article you sent me back in 2011″. It starts like this: “In his Netherlands laboratory, virologist Ron Fouchier was experimenting with the avian flu virus to see how it could become even more virulent”. If you’re in the mood to shake your head in disbelief, then definitely read it.

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