Class of 2020 is in trouble + A new equal pay for equal work debate + STEM hiring day + Catbirds + Reopening resources

May 28, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Anybody own an RV?


TLDR:  Class of 2020 is in trouble + STEM hiring day with top tier colleges + Catbirds actually sound like cats + Equal Pay Equal Work: Location Edition + Reopening resources from the experts+ Anybody own an RV? + Ravens as pets

I hope you had the chance to enjoy the past weekend, acknowledge the holiday and catch up on some mental fitness.

It’s a short week, but feels full enough. I’m sure many of you can relate.

First, thanks to those of you who have chatted with me to share your strategies around campus recruiting. Lots of compelling intel. If we haven’t connected yet, but you have some insights, please do hit reply.

And let’s quickly get COVID chatter behind us with this unique approach to writing about the impact of COVID-19. It’ll take 15 seconds to read…

IN PERSONAL NEWS: I’m back upstate this week, daring my body to release whatever fragrances or oils it needs to to keep bugs away, cause the citronella candles aren’t working!

I also discovered a new bird: the grey catbird. And although the color is quite literal, this animal is not actually a cat with wings. It just sounds like one.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where my family could live, outside of NY. Of course upstate is a serious option. I’m actually gonna look at a house on Saturday. But we’ve also considered heading down south for a bit. We’ve also considered Portugal.

But we recently were wondering if living out of an RV for a few months might be a nice idea. Invest in some serious hotspot horsepower and hit the road. That was, until we saw just how expensive renting an RV would cost, not including gas, tolls, parking, etc.

All of those films of humble families packing into an RV for an adventure fail to share the reality of near $10k/mo expense!

Anyway, if you have any tips or secrets on that front, please let me know (just hit reply – this is my actual email).

Now, onto the resources…

A WORD ON HIRING: The college Class of 2020 is in a very difficult place right now. After speaking with multiple universities, not only have companies stopped hiring, canceled internships and rescinded offers, the growing narrative is that they plan on hitting “reset” this Fall, skipping the Class of 2020 and focusing on the Class of 2021. Schools will inherently need to prioritize the Class of 2021 as well, leaving the Class of 2020 with a bleak outlook and few resources.

HIRING FOR STEM? As part of our direct focus on helping early professionals, we are organizing a STEM hiring day for graduating students in STEM from UVA, Duke, Berkeley, Tufts and others. This is a full-scale collaborative effort with the participating programs.

If you are hiring entry-level across data, engineering, science, etc. then please reach let me know. This event will have no shortage of absolutely exceptional talent.

NEED HELP ON A PROJECT AT WORK? Bard’s Sustainable MBA program selects companies each Fall for their extremely talented students to work with on select projects (I’ve judged their presentations before and was blown away).

The skinny is this: if you have a relevant world-positive project you’d like a team to dedicate their time to, then Bard MBA students will work on it for free.

If you’ve ever wanted your holistic hiring project resourced, now’s the time. Find out more here.

READ THIS (COMPENSATION): The co-founder of Help Scout shares a brief opinion on a change in how we compensate folks, especially in a remote-first world. In short, everyone should be paid the same for the same job, no matter where you live. He makes a strong argument.

But what happens when tech employees making SF wages move to St. Louis, Nashville, Lincoln, etc.? Will local communities be priced out in due time? (H/T Leah Knobler)

READ THIS (RTW): If you’re looking for ongoing guidance for your reopening plans, The National Safety Council has published a number of guides here.

WATCH THIS: I kicked off a fun 8-minute webinar series with Will Blaze of Peloton. The series will focus on the process behind companies’ entry-level hiring.

If you’d hire entry level students, please reach out. I’d love to have you on. It only takes….8 minutes.

Before I sign off, did you know ravens can talk (and like to be pet)?

I’m sure you’ve packed quite a lot into your short week, so I’ll end here. If you ever want to discuss your life in HR, future plans or are thinking of a move, I’m happy to be a sounding board.

Bye for now,





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