Cover Letters: Essential Necessity or Ancient Relic?

July 31, 2018 By admin

When discussing effective recruiting practices, there is one tiny paper document that is the elephant in the room. The cover letter. Although some talent acquisition leaders predicted that its days were numbered, others in the HR space believe that this is still the single most important tool to uncover the best candidates.

This week’s picks include thoughts on the cover letter’s value to hiring today. If you’re in the camp of “why the heck would I read a cover letter as a recruiter?”, what do you rely upon instead? Feel free to share your thoughts and give us a shout on social media.

Reading Roundup:

  • What recruiters want to see in a cover letter: Video time! Intent Media’s Director of Talent gives us a few helpful quips on what makes a cover letter appealing and interest-worthy for a recruiter. He personally emphasizes the pain points that an applicant can solve for the company. Similar or different to what you would recommend?
  • Machines can fill your open roles but they won’t write a cover letter: Machines have been characterized as efficient replacements for blue-collar labor. But what about roles requiring soft skills and analytical work? If this became a commonplace occurrence, should machines to submit cover letters? How we would determine their fit for a white-collar position?
  • R.I.P. Dear Old Cover Letter? Not quite so fast: In an ode to the benefits of reviewing a cover. letter from an applicant, Chicago Tribune cites its valuable features that remain critical to the hiring process.
  • Phrases to Doom a Cover Letter: Cover letters may typically be 1 page but it turns out that a few words can create an early demise for the applicant’s entire candidacy. Do these regrettable pieces of verbiage match your team’s hiring practices?

Every company’s recruitment strategy is different but it’s always a wise idea to check out the debate surrounding cover letters, review practices, and effective hiring.

Additionally this week, I want to share some information on our partnership with LaGuardia Tech Hire-Open Code. We have consistently supported the growth of skilled, underrepresented tech professionals in the NYC area. These candidates are super talented, versatile and diverse in their backgrounds and abilities (from a former solution engineer at Salesforce to a national chess champion). A few of these folks have already been scooped up by top companies. So take the time to connect with Uncubed and learn more about these individuals.

  • This week, giving a shout out to Danny Lantigua who is a talented back-end developer with software development and leadership experience under his belt. A thoughtful coder and expert in paired programming work, Danny is ready to apply his skill set and enthusiasm for Java (for both the programming language and coffee!) to an innovative company.

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