Crossing Boundaries

August 21, 2018 By admin

How far would you go to succeed in your job? This recent NY Times piece about students’ data got me thinking about boundaries. In the workplace, a person’s character is defined by the choices that he or she ultimately makes. Inadvertently, each individual creates their own personal code of conduct to apply to their decisions and projects in the office. However, sometimes one person’s code of conduct violates society’s code of ethics. In turn, this can lead to stressed out employees, abusive leadership, and one very unhealthy corporate culture.

How far should a professional go to reach their marketing and recruiting objectives? Where have the lines between right and wrong become dangerously blurry? Read this week’s examples of questionable boundaries.

This Week’s Picks:

  • Breaking boundaries in a positive way: Boundaries don’t always have to be crossed in a negative way! Sometimes new territory can be explored mindfully and ethically in the workplace. Take a look at how Peloton offered new, pioneering features to its users by playing with its AWS capabilities.
  • Let’s kick data thievery to the curb: When data is involved, limits tend to be crossed frequently, even in post-GDPR 2018.  Read on for a well-versed argument on why “data hoarding” needs to be regulated in marketing and sales ventures.
  • When is it time for a leader to be excised?:  Leaders of tech giants and startups come and go. When should public consumers signal that a leader’s time is up? Case in point…Facebook.
  • Too much power in one colleague’s hands:  In any workplace, we often see the consequences when one person holds too much influence. Dictatorships historically have an unfortunate track record. Bezos may not be your typical co-worker but how much power should be allocated to a leader in a systemic structure? HR analysts, please commence your debate.

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