The Dream Team: Utopian Fantasy or a Future Reality?

October 3, 2018 By admin

Utopia. It’s an alluring concept that most of us have studied in a collegiate lecture hall or tossed around absentmindedly in philosophical conversations with coworkers and friends. Pioneered by Sir Thomas More over 500 years ago, it’s mere existence as a term offers hope and possibility. Possibility for an ideal labor environment.
It’s no secret that workplaces have been imagined as a place for utopian visions to take hold. What is the ideal future of work? Does it even exist? Well, it’s certainly nice to fantasize.  Here’s to putting on our rose colored classes and viewing the ideas for future workplace utopia.
This week’s selections:
  • The gig economy may not be welcome in the future: The adaptability of the gig workforce seemed a feature that was destined to stay in the world of work in the 21st century. However, analysts are predicting that conventional roles and non-flexible options will still overwhelm gig capabilities.
  • The future of AI is not so welcoming to the world’s youngest employeesAlthough it is certain that AI will impact all aspects of work in the future, our youngest members of our future workforce aren’t feeling so warm and fuzzy about its presence. Our young adults may have to learn to co-exist with artificial intelligence. However, their concern about products, data privacy, and automated services reflect a trust issue between people and tech that will need to be reconciled.
  • Women are poised to run the world (or at least get a better seat at the table): Intriguing interview between JP Morgan’s powerhouse, Jamie Dimon, and the NY Times. Dimon admits that women are behaviorally well-suited to lead the workplace instead of men. On the other hand, the glacial progress of advancing women to executive positions may mean that the first stop to gender equality is getting an improved position at the boardroom table.
  • Poorly constructed office experiences continue to offend job seekers and corporate partners: Nearly half of office guests are disappointed and frustrated with their experience at another organization. And we’re simply talking about the lobby, drab furniture, reception, and security desks. The future workplace strategists will need to think more consciously about the tone that is created with an office’s visual treatments and hospitality. It’s no longer acceptable to lose a potential hire or a guest over a lousy office experience.

The opposite of a bad office visit? Check out this great article from our friends at JW Player.  A few weeks ago (alongside Splash, Intersection, and Peloton), their engineers and HR professionals hosted a talented group of developers from the LaGuardia TechHire program. The developers raved about their experience and appreciated the opportunity to understand the ins and outs of the organization (and make authentic connections with a truly welcoming team).

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