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Email Is Not Dead Apparently

June 29, 2014 By admin

We’re newsletter folks over here, as you know.

Sure, we call it “daily email” because a “newsletter” sounds like the manila thing that our grandmothers fished out of the mailbox monthly.

But still, we’re newsletter folks.

We’ve long been arguing that now is the time for email publishing. Nothing cuts through the noise of the modern web like something that gets delivered. Plus we like making something that gets delivered. There’s a certain pressure to it, and a certain feel of tradition – it’s the modern equivalent of the newspaper business.

This gets us crazy looks from time to time.

So we were pleased to see David Carr of the New York Times talk about the resurgence of the warhorse of digital media in this article yesterday.

“Newsletters are clicking because readers have grown tired of the endless stream of information on the Internet, and having something finite and recognizable show up in your inbox can impose order on all that chaos,” he says.

We agree.

Originally, we were newsletter only. Now we offer the content on the site and publish it across our social channels. But as long as we’re around, you can count on us publishing a newsletter.

Sign up and give it a go if you haven’t yet.

*In September of 2016 we re-named (and re-branded) Wakefield as Uncubed Daily.


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