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August 15, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

What you can learn from the Google World Cup...

Hi friends,

A little life story for you. We just had a nice little stay on the west side of Crete and recently booked a new Airbnb to explore the east side. We filtered by amenities, making sure places had “wifi” wince both my wife and I have to work a bit while we are traveling. Luckily we found a place (quite a few places don’t have it here – likely do to the mountainous region).

Or so we thought.

Upon arriving and asking the host for the WiFi password, she asked me to agree to an additional €5 per day before handing over the password. I wasn’t aware that I booked an Internet Cafe / Airbnb hybrid flat. What’s going on here, exactly?

Well, I’ll tell you. It’s called misrepresentation, which is yet another character flaw in this, our human species.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about reliability. Well, right up there with reliability, for me at least, is honesty. I’d say each one of you is exposed to someone misrepresenting themselves on a daily basis. This is part of the reason so many of us don’t trust corporations, sales people, etc.

It’s also going to be a real issue with Generation Z, or the “fake news” generation. And the data shows just that – our trust in one another has been on a multi-decade decline.

This may also be what’s driving both Gen Z & Millennials towards mission-driven companies or companies that are “doing good”.

So let’s talk about doing good:

Special Delivery: After last week’s email where I mentioned a series of great videos, Jordan, from Flexport, shared a video on the work Flexport is doing to delivery humanitarian aid.

The Google World Cup: A few years agoI was introduced to Joe Hewitt, a man that ran the US operation for Street Child United, an organization that works tirelessly to protect kids living and working on the streets. Recently, Joe launched a new sports-focused non-profit called The Sports Creative. They work on behalf of local organizations to build soccer fields, programs and safe spaces to help at-risk children find security and confidence through sport.

Well, each year Google supports The Sports Creative with a wonderful team-building soccer tournament called The Google World Cup, The funds raised from registrations are matched by Google and donated to The Sports Creative’s efforts.

The bigger benefit for Google? Happy employees.

CSR’s Impact: Learn why Social Responsibility is important for Business and join the soccer fun by running your own World Cup (just email Joe at [email protected]).

CSR Examples: Need more inspiration? Take a look at these top examples from 2018.

Diving Even Deeper Into Team Building: If you’re an aspring team-building scientist, you may wanna read this in-depth study on this 6K person company. For the rest of you, since it’s a 52-page report, just read the following paragraph:

From the findings, it is very necessary for Safaricom to offer team building activities that will motivate employees to work together and exchange ideas, implement and resolve solutions to problems in the workplace and create a work place environment that is fun to work at, hence creating job satisfaction and retaining talented employees.

What If We Believe Soccer is Un-American? If soccer doesn’t float your employees’ respective boats, then here’s a list of 71 other activities you can do (warning – site has at least one obnoxious popup).

Tying It All together: Before you head home, watch this TED Talk on the business benefits of doing good and working towards total societal impact that benefits both company and society at large.We know that doing good doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with trust or honesty. In fact, at times doing good is used as a tool to manipulate or mislead folks. Which, of course, only perpetuates the distrust.

I guess what I’m saying is this: do good and bloody well mean it.

See you next week. In the meantime, more HR jobs below (post yours here).


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