We’re Launching An Entire Event Around Employer Branding in Brooklyn

February 23, 2017 By Chris Johnson

A spin through LinkedIn’s recently-released 2017 Annual Global Recruiting Trends report confirms that employer branding is one of the hottest topics – if not the hottest topic – in the industry.

LinkedIn surveys some 4,000 HR pros each year and, just like the 2016 edition, employer branding features prominently in the report.

It’s listed as one of the top five takeaways in the entire 32-page read. Specifically, that “effective employer brand focuses on culture and career growth”.

Some other highlights from the report:

  • 80% of respondents believe that employer branding has “a significant impact on their ability to hire top talent”.
  • Employer branding is the #1 area leaders would invest in with additional budget.
  • Just 10% aren’t investing in employer branding.
  • Recruiters listed “company culture” as the top answer for what attracts candidates to a company.
  • 3rd party websites and job boards ranked ahead of Facebook in terms of best channels for building employer brand.

Despite how critical it is for companies, we’ve found that there are very few outlets for trading ideas and best practices on employer brand building.

This is why it’s the central theme to our inaugural HR Uncubed event.

On April 27th and 28th, we’ll be bringing together leaders from top startups and some of the most innovative Fortune 500s to discuss, debate, and swap ideas on shaping your internal culture and leveraging the newest tools.

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