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July 10, 2018 By admin

This week, let’s concentrate on brand identity. In our personal lives, identity and self-promotion is something that we all tend to approach with a little trepidation.

Perhaps because it comes with a constant side serving of self-doubt. Who are we? What characteristics form our natural identity? What values are we portraying to the public? Do these two entities match or are they at odds? When applying identity to a large, complicated company, it becomes even more challenging to articulate.

In this post, let’s ponder how to forge an identity and how to communicate that to internal employees and external customers.

This week’s reads:

  • Brand Development in Uncharted Territory: Video time! Red Frog is the king of events. Its Warrior Dash theme has defined the company’s identity and allowed them to connect with their fitness-crazed community.
  • Don’t Confuse Identity with Culture: Identity is not culture. In the wave of HR buzzwords, culture is constantly mentioned and often erroneously merged with identity. Gallup explains why we need to correct this misunderstanding in the world of work.
  • When Companies Violate Boundaries and Privacy: We all know Facebook pushes the limits in terms of extracting data from their users. When considering identity, it’s key for HR professionals to consider how they respect the identities of their own customers. Whether it’s a client, customer, or job applicant, their personal and digital identities deserve some semblance of sanctity.
  • HBO’s Revered Brand Identity is at Risk: HBO’s pursuit for growth, coupled with contentious leadership by Warner Media, might destroy its beloved, top-notch content and distinguished identity.
  • Harley-Davidson’s Identity Challenged by the Political Climate: When politics and events make dramatic inroads into a company’s established identity, time to pivot. Harley-Davidson’s brand is currently being thrown into the political limelight but how can their team weather the storm and avoid damage to their sales?

Hope those reads got you pondering about your team’s identity. Halfway through 2018, it’s a great time to strengthen and re-evaluate your company’s brand.

Speaking of Uncubed’s identity…we have another employer event coming up! We are featuring an opportunity to discuss digital transformation with Merrill Corporation on Wednesday, July 18th. There will be networking, and tech presentations (by their product and engineering team as well as other leading innovative companies like BounceX). Space is limited and this event is best suited for experienced engineers and product managers.

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