When Employer/Employee conflict happens + Remote work data, tips & predictions + an HR event + A team retreat video + Hardware stores

March 5, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Google is coming for your dreams...

Hi friend,

TLDR: A funny thing happened in the middle of the night, loads of remote work data, predictions and tips, a great remote work retreat video, an intense article on employer/employee conflict, an HR event & a story about your local hardware store.

Personal Story: If you’ll afford me a moment to share a “sign of the times” story. My daughter, Calila, is almost 5 (in 2 weeks). Since she could roll about, she’s been “rolling” into our bed every night, for over 4 years. We’ve tried (poorly, obviously) to motivate her to stick it out, but she ends up in our bed at some point throughout the night, pretty much every night.

She almost always comes bearing gifts. It appears she wakes up in a stupor, grasps for anything in the vicinity and brings it to the bed as a peace offering. Last night she brought her “rainbow king” stuffed toy.

Anyway, made it to our bed and fell back asleep. Hours later, I was suddenly awaked to her saying “Hey, Google” in her sleep!

What a time to be alive.

Need Your Recommendation: In other news, I’m strongly considering getting vision-corrective surgery. But I need a referral. Do any of you know of a solid lead here in NYC?

Onto HR news:

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Watch This (Remote Work) : Judging from their JarFest team retreat video, I’d wager this team does remote work right. Give it a watch and keep your eyes peeled for more great remote work content coming ini the next few weeks.

READ THIS (RELATED): In related news, you should check out Buffer’s 2020 State of Remote Work report, which surveyed 3K+ remote workers. Or this 2020 Remote Work Guide to building & managing a remote team. Or, for a look into the future of how teams work (coupled with relevant business ideas) read this Tweet Storm.

READ THIS (RELATED): And, if you yourself plan on working remote, consider living near water.

READ THIS (WHEN EMPLOYEES BOYCOTT): For leadership within companies, D&I challenges, political differences, flexible work requests, benefits expectations, employee experience, etc. are all at the forefront of top priority challenges. It can be overwhelming (as exemplified in Katie Burke’s article on the CPO role I shared last week).

One aspect of HR that is starting to make its way to the forefront is around business ethics and servicing controversial customers. This, of course, is not straightforward.

Last week I read an article about the employer response at Shutterstock after some employees voiced their concerns over servicing a lucrative Chinese market with a censored product. In short, the company suggested that leaving Shutterstock may be their best choice. Worth a read.

ATTEND THIS: Our friends at Post’d are hosting their first annual summit this May. Hear from “voices transforming the workplace” and learn about HR’s impact on corporate strategy. But first, use code UNCUBED2020 for 20% off. Register here.

CONSIDER THIS (ALWAYS UNRELATED): For a heart tugging take on the state of capitalism and its affect on small business, read this NYTimes piece on the life & death of your local hardware store.

One store that’s resisting the shift is Crest Hardware in Williamsburg, which takes a unique approach to engaging the local community (Fun fact, I cofounded the NYC Footy soccer league with the owner…the fella with the enormous beard).

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