Where engineers play + Must see webinar + Talent crisis at FB & Google? + Why you’re not taking your story seriously enough.

January 23, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Plus, a free conference with lots of food & ice cream

Hi friends,

Sadly, this is my last email from Brazil, before heading back to the Brooklyn Tundra. But honestly, how can I complain? It’s a great privilege to be able to work remote from Brazil in the first place.

Such a perk, in fact, that in the employer branding video we are in the midst of creating for ourselves, our remote lifestyles are going to play a very meaningful part. Will be sure to share, once complete.

Featured Action to Take (Related): Understanding how to strengthen your employer brand and market it effectively is trending so fast right now, that folks failing to grasp its significance will find it difficult to succeed at a career in recruitment.

This is why we focus so much of our educational efforts on employer branding and why we are partnering with Blueboard on a can’t-miss webinar on expert strategies for an authentic employer branding program.

There are nearly 600 of you registered for this already. So, at the very least drop your email so you get the recording. You’ll hear from:

  • Anna Sayre – Director, Employer Brand Marketing at The Trade Desk
  • Colleen Finnegan – Senior Manager, Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing at Instacart
  • Morgan Chaney – Sr. Director of Marketing and Employer Brand Lead at Blueboard
  • T-Rock (Me)

EVENT (VERY RELATED): There are 67 of you attending next week’s HR Breakfast “Salon” and we have about 10 spots left before we close out RSVPs. RSVP here.

Featured HR Opportunities for the Week:
Going to take a week off on a highlighted job feature and, instead, ask you this, dear reader: are you looking for any HR or Talent candidates and would like our help? If yes, just hit reply.

Every waking day informs our focus on this vertical and, as such, are committed to prioritizing a modern, human, and content-focused approach to curating talent for HR & Talent roles.

LOOKING FOR A NEW HR GIG? We are prioritizing HR and Talent roles as part of the work we are committing towards placing talent. If you’re interested in a new gig, hit reply or email [email protected] directly.

READ THIS (RELATED): Storytelling is fun. It’s emotional. It’s relatable. It’s reliable. In short, we believe it’s your most powerful tool for recruiting great talent. If you are not putting real energy into your story (and sharing it), then you may be creating more work for yourself and hurting your company’s ability to find the perfect candidates.

Read this short, but inspiring article on the power of stories. Some take-a-ways.

  • “Stories about individual characters in specific situations helped them engage in deeper, more meaningful discussions than they might have had otherwise.”
  • “Stories don’t have to be epic to make an impact. In fact, stories about small moments can be the most effective way to connect with a big idea.” To illustrate this, just watch a handful of these short stories told by engineers for a series we product for Amazon.

READ THIS (RELATED): When your story starts to hurt you, even the most powerful brands will struggle. Here’s a NY Times article on how college kids don’t want to work at the likes of Google or Facebook (may require subscription. Or open in an incognito window). Some excerpts:

  • “Now if a classmate tells me they’re joining Palantir or Facebook, there’s an awkward gap where they feel like they have to justify themselves.”
  • “I don’t know if Google can credibly sell young people on the promise of doing good in the world anymore,”

WATCH THIS (RELATED): By now, you know I love soccer. And most of you probably think it’s pretty unrelated to the work you do. But perhaps this team-profile video Makerbot FC will inspire you to get a bit more involved! I think you’ll get my gist, after watching it.

YOUR HELP + UNCUBED NEWS (RELATED): So, you all collectively helped about 30 new people join this newsletter by sharing your love. Much appreciation for Lara Langweiler, Ali Wong, Laura Rottingen, Sean Paul Echevarria, Marjorie McCamey, Vanessa Crespo and Loryn Schiraldo for their help. If you haven’t shared yet, I’d very much appreciate it.

I’ve created the post for you here, highlighting what this week’s newsletter entails.

CONSIDER THIS (ALWAYS UNRELATED): Interested in alternative dialogs on food and health? Want to learn more about the benefits of plant-based diets? Curious if the constant use of technology is affecting your body? Then you may want to attend what appears to be a truly epic conference in Long Island.

A. It’s 10 days long.
2. It’s entirely free.
D. You get fed 3 meals and loads of ice-cream each day.

Bye for now,


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