Event for companies still hiring + Remote work reads & webinars + Inspiring EB video + What toilet paper shortage?

March 26, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

There are still HR & Talent jobs out there...


Hi friend,

TLDR: How to solve your TP problem, Virtual hiring event for laid off workers, Remote Work reads & webinars, an entertaining video about pets, a creepy NY Times article, and HR & Talent jobs.

In times like these, I’m just happy I have a bidet.

My family has been in serious self-quarantine mode since we got back from Ireland last Tuesday. My wife and I lost our sense of smell this week. Apparently that’s a symptom. I’ll report back on that front next week.

In the meantime, my in-person drum lessons are going virtual. My teacher’s career in live-music has come to a screeching halt, so I hope to support his work virtually. If you’ve been itching to learn drums and need a rec, let me know!

Somewhat related, if your organizing needs some freelance content creators, I have some leads.

On the HR & Talent front, it’s been a busy week of resource-sharing across the HR community, so I’ll do my best to parse out some gems and toss them your way.

For starters, I was invited by GoCoach to contribute some anecdotes on a webinar covering remote interviewing and onboarding this afternoon. I did my best to stay silent, since I was rather intimidated by how much useful content and frameworks were in there. I think you’d do well to check out their upcoming webinars.

ATTEND THIS (VIRTUAL HIRING):  Speaking of virtual, our next Soft Landing event is happening online, this April 9th. Details here. If you’d like to attend as a hiring company, please let me know. If your organization has been affected by layoffs, reach out. We’ll do our best to get folks into the event.

WATCH THIS (DOGS & CATS): Big shoutout to our studio team for wrapping up this beautiful video about Kinship, a company dedicated to keeping you and your pets footloose & fancy free. Enjoy.

READ THIS (REMOTE WORK): A friend of mine from college shared a Remote Work Competency Model with me last week. Give it a read.

READ THIS (REMOTE WORK): Reader Lara Langweiler compiled a list of useful remote work and home-school resources for you to enjoy. Thanks, Lara.

WATCH THIS (REMOTE LIFE): Need inspiration for your new remote work life? Look no further than here.

ATTEND THIS (REMOTE PROCESSES WEBINAR): The runaway top hit last week was a link to the video presentation I did on remote work. Well, tomorrow I’m going to do a live version of this presentation for some college students at 2pm EST. But it’s open for anyone, if you’d like to join

READ THIS (COVID PHOTOS:  Pandemic or post-apocalyptic themed films will no longer have the same impact, since we are all officially experiencing it. Check out these photos documenting The Big Empty by the NY Times. Or just watch 28 days later.

CONSIDER THIS: CAMPUS RECRUITING STRATEGY: As mentioned last week, one area of Uncubed that we expect to expand is college recruiting (details here). Candidate engagement has been at the foundation of Uncubed’s work since we began and our approach for engaging students is A.) loads of fun and B.) very effective. Want more info Hit reply.

WHAT’S NEXT? For a bit more on what Uncubed is doing to help during the pandemic, here’s a blog post summarizing (from Chris, our CEO).

  • VIRTUAL JOB FAIR? We’re thinking about organizing a virtual job fair to help all the students out there currently without a summer job (ackem, Yelp). WOULD YOU ATTEND? Please let me know.

BTW, the original opening line to this email was “I’ve got 99 problems and toilet paper aint one.”

Catch you next week,






Director & Above HR Jobs:

  • Director of HR (Burlingame) – Zinier
  • Sr. Director of People Ops (SF) – VailMail
  • Director of Global People Ops (LA) – TALA

Senior Level & Below HR Jobs:

  • Senior Payroll Specialist (NYC) – Netflix
  • HR Business Partner (SF) – Square
  • Payroll & Benefits Specialist (LA) – Factual
  • TA Specialist (SF – Contract) – Ubisoft
  • Payroll Administrator (Toronto) – Patm Labs
  • Recruiter (Sydney) – Autopilot
  • Recruiter (NYC) – Justworks
  • Benefits & Compensation Manager (Mountain View) – Khan Academy
  • Corporate Recruiter (Mountain View – Contract) – Coursera
  • Recruiter (SF – Contract) – HashiCorp
  • Senior Technical Recruiter (SF) – Intercom
  • Learning & Development Program Manager (LA) – Snap
  • Learning & Development Program Manager (SF) – Reddit

Companies with multiple HR Jobs:

Uncubed | Make Work Human


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