Ever been to Crete? + Employer branding for recruiters + Content to convert candidates + Last call for our HR Breakfast

July 18, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

Plus, Slack's People First Culture

The heat is on. Literally. Well, not literally…or rather, somewhat literally. I’m talking about the sun, people, and this week it isn’t messin’ around. For someone that sweats in a swimming pool, this isn’t comfortable…

Moving on, a big thank you all for continuing to read this weekly email. For some reason the engagement rates have been going up as the list has grown, and from experience, it usually doesn’t work like that. Hopefully, that means I’m providing some useful intel here.

Attend this: For starters, next Wednesday, Uncubed’s HR Breakfast series returns returns to have a rich conversation on employer branding challenges. So far, 71 of you are scheduled to join us at Sarabeth’s on Park Avenue (courtesy of our friends at KettleSpace). We have room for a few more. RSVP here.

Before you attend, read this: We’re going to be stepping up our content game considerably here at Uncubed, specifically focusing on employer branding. We’re getting started with this guide on how employer branding helps recruit potential employees. Give it a spin.

Secondly, watch this: Hot off the press as of this afternoon and delivered right into your inbox: Watch our friend Kristina Deighan of ZX Ventures (the innovation arm of ABI) walk you through the use of strategic content as a tool to enhance the candidate journey.

Down the road, read this: I spotted a post in my inbox delivered by the fine folks at Lattice. It’s a short story about Slack’s history as a people first company. Enjoy.
Travels: I don’t have too much more for you on the HR front. But on the personal front, I just booked a trip to Egypt to see my family, many of whom I’ve not seen since I was last there in 2006. I’ll be stopping in Crete for a week or so beforehand, so if you have any tips, send them my way!

Bye for now,


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