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September 20, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

I blew it. But not too late for some HR happenings...

Happy Thursday Friday folks,

Yesterday we had our September HR breakfast. Thanks to all of you that came on out, old faces and new.

For me, the breakfast was followed immediately by an executive workshop that took me offline for the entire day. So, I failed to get this email out during it’s regularly schedule programming. My apologies.

During yet another memorable HR breakfasting experience, as we dug into Employee Value Proposition (EVP), defining it, marketing it and, most importantly, understanding it.

Your EVP embodies all of the reasons why someone would want to work for your company. The trick, however, is making sure it is 100% you (you meaning your company). Turning away folks that don’t fancy it for themselves while enticing those that do is a sign of a well-defined and marketed EVP.

As an example, our friend April from Casper courageously shared a brief snapshot of her EVP message. And for those in attendance, you could feel just how intertwined their mission to provide people with great sleep is throughout their EVP. It’s something only Casper can offer and that’s the secret sauce you should be thinking about with your own company.

What can only you offer?

Define it. Share it with the world.

Next Thursday I’ll share Uncubed’s very own EVP deep dive. It’s currently in the works. So, until then:

ReadHere’s a pretty efficient read on building a great EVP

Read: 4 Ways to Write a Winning EVP

ReadA study on creating a compelling EVP for Dell  (Dell is a computer company, in case there’s some serious newbies on this email).

  • “One of the biggest challenges in cultivating an EVP is making it stand out when everyone is emphasizing the same values, promises and opportunities”

Read: Dreaming big is a value for Dell. But Dreaming Bigger is what work-life at ZX Ventures is all about. We’ve worked closely with Kristina, Caitlin and the ZX team to develop this EVP message into a vibrant toolkit. Follow ZX on Linkedin to see some of the really exciting EVP assets that will be hitting the airwaves soon.

Potential EVP Event: Would you be interested in attending an in-person or online EVP workshop? Can you answer Yes or No to this single question in this anonymous survey?

Watch: Making employees happy and why you need to focus on it (TED)

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Have a great weekend!


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