An excellent company response + best resume I’ve ever seen + 3 self-educating reads + managing a team through political trauma + 8-minute-webinars

June 11, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

Plus a bit of much needed humor...

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TLDR:  The best company statement on injustice I’ve seen, 3 suggested self-educating reads, managing a team through a time of political trauma, managing remote internship programs, 8-minute-webinar with Peloton, iHeart Media & more, the best resume I’ve ever seen.

It’s been an extraordinary few weeks for the human race. COVID has given all of us time to reflect on what’s important. Recent events have paved the way for an immediate response to injustice and, hopefully, a sustained movement as many of us open our eyes to the role we can play in the fight for equality & equity.

By now, you probably know my opinion that companies have an outsized influence on our society, our culture and our values. Since companies, like humans, operate on the most powerful basic instinct of self-preservation, human rights and community-benefitting behaviors are often way down the “to-do” list (if on there at all). Self-preservation behaviors manifest themselves within the confines of a system, even if (and often especially when) it’s broken.

To change behaviors and break mechanisms that drive such predictable corporate behavior, the second most powerful human instinct must come into play: our Social Instinct, which can be defined as a “feeling of belonging, as manifested by the tendency to congregate, affiliate, and engage in group behavior.” In short, if there’s a movement or a collective group behavior, and you could be left out or ostracized by not partaking, then you’ll likely act. And that’s what’s happening at this moment in time.

My inbox has been flooded with well-intentioned statements from companies condemning injustice. It’s a start. But let’s push our companies and leaders, particularly those elevated through privilege, to be more like Justworks.

Even if we’re a new study when it comes to fighting for civil & human rights, we can all discover pathways for our companies to do better, and possibly build new, world-positive and socially conscious mechanisms.


  • SUGGESTED READING: I won’t be the first person in your inbox with book suggestions. But I’ll share them, just in case. For starters, Nelson Mandela’s A Long Walk to Freedom and Isabel Wilkerson’s The Warmth of Other Suns are two exceptional books on need-to-know historical events.
  • As for a book that will most certainly go without notice in terms of an education on injustice, I recommend ChesapeakeThis entertaining historical-fiction novel awakens the reader to just how ongoing, consistent and debilitating American policies, culture and conditioning have been on people of color.
  • To continue the self-education, I’m currently reading How to Be an AntiracistThus far, it’s been very accessible and explains how we’ve all been fed a false narrative and we’ve all proliferated racism by not deeply questioning it.
  • It may be worth jumping on Nicole Cardoza’s Anti-Racism daily email, as well. Also accessible, informative and motivating.
  • Finally, if you’d like a decent repository of resources on the subject, including D&I resources, podcasts, resources for parents & children, etc., save this. They also shared this article on how people managers can manage their team during a time of political trauma.
  • READ THIS (RETURN TO WORK): By today’s standards, this The Atlantic article from 3 weeks ago is severely outdated, but if you are currently in the midst of your back-to-office plans, it may just be worth a read. It’s quick.
  • SHARE THIS (RELATED): If you know any student struggling at the moment, share this 8-minute-webinar series with them. We’ve kicked it off by sharing the entry-level recruiting tips & process at Peloton, Attentive, and iHeart Media. WW and Flow Traders are up next, followed by Spotify, Facebook, Samsung, Google, Bloomberg and more.
  • YOUR HELP: Savasti at DoSomething.org has organied a summer ambassador program to provide mentorship to students. She’d love the support of HR professionals like you. Can you volunteer 15-minutes for coaching / resume review with a student? If so, please add your contact info here.

Thanks for listening. The theme of equality and equity will hold throughout my future emails, but next week I’ll be reintroduce more resources tied to other areas of the HR & Talent functions.

But before I sign off, here’s a bit of humor, amidst the seriousness.

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