Expand your Target Audience + Amplify your Brand

August 14, 2018 By admin

It’s no secret that HR professionals have to wear many hats. Some of the new chapeau styles they’re now wearing include “employer branding savant”, “digital marketing whiz”, and “customer experience guru”.

Now more than ever, HR leaders need to strategically increase their outreach and represent their company culture in an authentic and attractive manner.

Take a look at how to effectively expand your target audience and beef up your brand, whether you’re a Talent Acquisition magnate or a budding entrepreneur.

This Week:

  • Grow your audience big-time: Video time! Listen to the Contently team break down their secrets to success. With limited resources and an enthusiastic team, they augmented their business, connected with their audience, and catapulted their readership numbers.
  • Surprising skills needed on your team: Okay, we know your people skills are top-notch. But how about your gift to wield a story? Creatively brainstorm? Analyze data sets? Now, HR professionals are taking on this work too.
  • How minding your budget and providing phenomenal service leads to more customers: Redfin teaches our team a few things about how to create a positive sales culture and acquire more customers.
  • L’Oreal is not a top employer by coincidence: L’Oreal is a kingpin in employee engagement and retention. How do they do it? L’Oreal proves they’re worth it by creating a positive office environment, building a loyal customer base, and embracing beauty in all forms.
  • How to reach 1 billion people: Apparently, having 1 billion ardent admirers solves a lot of brand challenges. Although it may be impossible (or inadvisable) to attract that many interested folks at a rapid pace, Instagram’s recent accomplishments prove that a bigger audience is a worthy objective.

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