Fastest TED Talk to 1M views + Stage crasher at HR Uncubed + Celebs playing soccer + How to disagree

June 13, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

Join me in the Catskills...

Hi,HR Uncubed is Dead at Rest. Long Live Uncubed.

My daughter wanted to be on stage at HR Uncubed. I agreed. Little did I know, she was setting me up 👆👃. Nice pic, Omaris!

Anyway, normalcy is beginning to circle back in our lives here at Uncubed, now that the event is over. I’m not sure if you made it out this year, but HR Uncubed 2019 was one of the most complex events I can remember organizing. For example, we reshuffled sixty 200lb picnic tables no less than 5 times to get the sight lines right! We love the appeal of a raw, creative space, but it doesn’t make life easy for set up!

In the end, good vibes and positive feedback make it all worthwhile. Here are just a few nice messages we received:

  • Thank you for putting on a fun and educational two days, Uncubed!
  • I needed this conference more than I realized, and I went to work today feeling energized.
  • Not only did I get to meet and network with so many innovative HR leaders but also reconnect with former college classmates!

Kudos: I do wanna give a quick shoutout to reader and event presenter, Linda Paul, for giving a warm, heartfelt, grade-A-comedic-timing, presentation on the job search as an HR executive. A PepsiCo exec came up to me after to say it was his favorite presentation over the two days. Thanks, Linda.

Video: Here is the fastest ever TED Talk to reach 1M views. And we were fortune enough to get direct, HR tips from her at HR Uncubed.

What We Need is More Conference: As if planning a conference weren’t enough, today I arrived at the Javitz Center, the deathstar of conference locations, to join a panel on talent marketing at the Greenhouse Open. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay long on account of all the catch-up that needs to get done, but it was clearly well-attended, beautiful conference. Well done, GH team!

Video: If you ever disagree with what I present or write about, let me know. Just watch this video on how to lead a convo with people who disagree first!

Obligatory soccer post:  Next week I’ll be at the Steve Nash Showdown in Chinatown. It’s for a great cause if you can come out. And if you need more details, just check out this video from the GoPro I put on the ref.

In more personal news, for the first time ever, my wife will be away from our daughter for longer than a day. And not just away, but gone for 2 weeks to a remote, Ayurvedic retreat in Brazil! It’ll be just me and the tyke. So, we’ll be taking off the week after next and head to the Catskills for a rejuvenation week, capped off with the Footy Fest (come join us!).

I didn’t do enough HR web trafficking this week to offer up much, so I’ll leave it at that. I’ll have loads more from you both from the event and elsewhere in the coming weeks.



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