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January 28, 2021 By Tarek Pertew

Plus, the glory of midnight cereal...


There’s a wonderful thing about coming home late having not had dinner. And that’s the guilt-free indulgence in a bowl of cereal before hitting the sack.

I’ve been coming to Brazil every year since 2009 and before this year, I never played a single game of soccer in this, the Holy Land of Futebol. That all changed this year when I was invited to come on out, play some footy, pretend I understand the instructions hurled at me in Portuguese, and refuse the beer being consumed, almost simultaneously, at an alarming rate by the other players (I’m shocked I was even extended the tribal offering after boldly practicing an offensive pre-kickoff ritual of my own: yoga).

Anyway, I got home at midnight having not eaten a thing. And I had to feign disappointment at having a real meal substituted for a late-night bowl of cereal (with sliced banana of course).

How’s this related to HR, you ask? You tell me!

Speaking of HR, I have the inside scoop on an incredible, well-comped Chief People Officer role based out of a NYC Headquartered company.

Are you experienced leading fast growing startups? Does your experience include building teams that for retail locations as well? Do you want to include this experience with a product that’s designed to level up the mental and physical health of employees everywhere? Something I know you’re already passionate about?

Then reply to me ASAP. I’ll keep it very confidential and give you the added skinny. If you’re a good fit, I’ll stork your profile right on over to the decision maker’s desk.


Last week, I tapped into your inner child to understand what you want to be when you grow up. I was pretty shocked at just how spread out the results were. Artist, not surprisingly, took the crown. But not by much. Only 15% of you chose that. Dancer & actor were the first losers at 12%, followed by doctor, yoga instructor, farmer and operating a catamaran in the Florida Keys (9%). But we didn’t have any astronauts, zookeepers or professional mini-golf players.

This week, a mix of personal and professional. Have you permanently moved to a different town or city since COVID?

Yes, but I was already moving
Yes, and COVID is why I moved
No, but I will be moving.
No, but I really want to move.
No, I want to stay right where I am

*As always, your answer is 100% anonymous, even to me. .


Below are weekly reads, watches, and/or listens:

  • REPLY TO THIS EMAIL (YOUR RECRUITING EXPERTISE): Brian, our COO, is also the product lead for Finalist, our newest offering that connects companies to early career engineers and data scientists. Brian will buy you a delicious cup of coffee and share it with you, virtually, if you take 20 minutes to sit with him and repeatedly fill in the blank to “I wish there was ____________ to help me recruit better”. He’ll be taking notes.
  • READER CONTRIBUTION: WATCH THIS (EMPLOYER BRANDING): If you want to know what readers are watching and enjoying, this video from Splunk caught Jessi Greenlee’s eye on the message it delivers around inclusion.
  • ALWAYS UNRELATED (ENTERTAINMENT):  In case you’re feeling hopeless on the future of our environment, let this very feel good story about the rejuvenation of a long-vanished underwater ecosystem warm your heart.

Now that I am leading Uncubed Studios, I’ll be dropping regular notes about what we are up to. If you’d like a demo of our employer branding capabilities, just hit reply. I’ll be on the demo (and we can meet and/or catchup.)

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