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August 22, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

What exactly are we doing with our lives?


I’ve done a decent job unplugging since last Thursday, but still keeping myself busy by visiting ancient ruins and tombs in Crete and Egypt.

Walking into a 4,000+ year old tomb puts things into quite a bit of perspective. For instance, seeing walls covered in intricate hieroglyphics and paintings that maintain their color, learning the life narrative of the dead, their connection to nature and astronomy, and heck, even the corpse itself, makes watching AdTech companies convince people that they’re “changing the world” seem so ridiculous.

Perspective does that to people (which is why perspective events are so important in our lives).

So here are a few articles on perspective:

Do you feel like you don’t understand some of the folks you manage? Get a bit of perspective by taking on some of their work. Here’s why (Fast Company, 2012).

Do you dislike many aspects of your job, but aren’t motivated to leave? Find more happiness in your job by gaining a bit of perspective with these tips.

Do you want to create a more inclusive work environment? Gain some perspective on the different meanings of teamwork, achievement, diversity, and role orientation within your organization…

Related: During a DisruptHR event in Westchester, I met an entrepreneur and co-presenter who has been helping women of color ensure their voices are heard in the workplace. Well, good news. She’s just published a book. Check out What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table.

I leave you with this very powerful excerpt from a memoir called The Blessing. It’s about a childhood perspective event and the singular role it played on the author’s life journey towards self-discovery.



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