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September 27, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

There's a bit of NSFW going on in this email...

Happy Thursday Friday folks,

Two weeks in a row where I missed Thursday. My apologies. There were more offsite days than usual this week.

Yesterday, I served as a stand-in to interview folks for a shoot at 1010data. We’re very excited about these stories coming to life. Keep your eyes peeled for those.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we had an executive retreat upstate at Hutton Brickyards in Kingston to work on 2020 strategy for Uncubed. The location was absolutely stunning and played an important role in our ability to develop a clear go-forward plan.

If you’re thinking of planning your own executive retreat, check out Hutton Brickyards. It’s actually very well-suited for a full company offsite and, good news, they’re about to launch this as an option for companies. So, if you’re planing your company retreat, then put Hutton Brickyards on your radar. Two hours from NYC and yet entirely remote. I’d recommend dropping in your email on their corporate retreat launch page.

If you are considering a team-building corporate retreat, then hopefully these links will be helpful:

If you are desperately trying to avoid a team-building corporate retreat, then hopefully these links will be helpful:

  • Or watch this, safer for work, trailer of an upcoming film (this one’s pretty funny).

For the sake of time, I’m gonna leave that here this week. HR jobs below!

Have a great weekend!


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