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Everything You Need to Know to Get a Job at BuzzFeed

February 2, 2016 By Jack Krupnik

We dropped by the media giant’s offices to offer our community a behind­-the-­scenes look at how to actually land a job at BuzzFeed.

Win 30 straight battles of ping pong? A keg stand from the kitchen? A listicle challenge?

Not even close.

We’ve cleared away the rumors and cliches to show you what the BuzzFeed interview process really looks like. From the resume and cover letter, to the phone interview, the in person interview, and even salary negotiation, Charlie Keinath, Head of Tech Recruiting, and Dan Geiger, Recruiter, sat down to let us in on their secrets.

Let’s dive in.

One Size Does Not Fit All.

First up: your resume. No two jobs are alike, so why have a “one ­size ­fits ­all” resume? BuzzFeed certainly believes in tailoring and so should you (especially when it comes to trimming out skills that are more generic than noteworthy)!


Now how about that resume design? While an intricate infographic may show off your weekend Photoshop skills, it runs the risk of complicating what you’ve actually done (& when!)

SRSLY. One Size Does Not Fit All.

The team at BuzzFeed checks out cover letters next. BuzzFeed’s recruiters can spot a cover letter template immediately. So take that extra bit of effort to write a new cover letter for every job, especially when applying to a company like BuzzFeed. It will show you understand the job and culture.

Be Ready for the Hard Questions First.

If your application is a good fit, chances are you’ll end up on a phone call with a BuzzFeed recruiter. They look to get the hard questions out of the way ASAP—those questions that confirm if you’re a (super) serious candidate. So come with your game face (or rather voice?) on.

They WANT to Hire You.


When you make it to the in-­person interview, a lot of typical advice applies. But if there’s one thing BuzzFeed recruiters want you to know, it’s this: If you’ve been invited into the office, they want you to get the job. It’s as simple as that! So use the fact that both you and the recruiter are aiming for the same goal to your advantage.

Check out all of our classes from BuzzFeed here (there’s more to be learned….).


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