Great Events, Powerful Experiences

September 11, 2018 By admin

Every September 11th, I’m humbled by the inspiring memorial events  that take place in this city and across the country. As people gather  to remember their loved ones(and the acts of kindness bestowed upon others during their lifetime), I’m  struck by the power of events.

Events tend to get a bad rap. They clog up the calendar and take up valuable time from other priorities. On the other hand, their lasting impact has more effect than we can possibly imagine. Events can reinforce our bonds to one another and bolster communities during both good and bad times.

For companies, events are a wonderful resource to build lasting relationships with others. We put a lot of effort into bringing our greater tech community together with NYC Uncubed and we’re always impressed with thoughtful event experiences that other companies create.

Let’s take a look at how professionals, especially HR leaders, can create memorable events and why these experiences make the world a better place.

This week’s pieces of advice:

  • How to create an experience for your audience: If a guest leaves your event with a true understanding of your company’s purpose and a new perspective on work and community, you’ve done well.
  • Events need a considerate marketing strategy: Video time. Listen to the VP of Marketing at Oscar explain how they deliver successful marketing campaigns to their customers in the ultra sensitive and customer-focused arena of health care.
  • Lasting connections matter: Events provide an opportunity for an organization to better understand the person signing in on the other side of that registration table. What do they need right now and what are you equipped to assist them with?
  • Concerns for future events in tech: Recent changes in events, from high-tech tools and utter disregard to personal privacy, are bringing more self-serving, opportunistic motives to the forefront.

Employer Visits: Speaking of community…Uncubed organized employer visits on August 29th with engineers from Tech Hire! Huge thank you to Peloton, Splash, JW Player (top photo), and Intersection (bottom photo) for hosting. The students learned straight from their engineering and HR teams.

Web Development Opportunity: Interested in giving back to young engineers? LaGuardia CC is hiring for an adjunct professor for a Fundamentals of Web Development course for 2 nights a week. If you have a great developer on your team,  share with them today! It’s a great opportunity to connect with a diverse and talented pool of budding engineers as they start their careers. Reach out to me if you are interested.

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