The Great Return (to Office) + Play games & meet HR people + At-home fitness support + Time to hire early professionals + Art of washing dishes

April 23, 2020 By Tarek Pertew

There are still HR jobs out there.

Hello again,

TLDR: Time to help & hire college students + The plan for returning to the office + Meet new HR colleagues through a game of solitaire + A secret to enjoying dishwashing + at-home fitness support

Folks, the bounce rate on this email has been going up, up, up. I’m so sorry for all of you who are suffering job loss at the moment. i wish I could say it’s all going to bounce right back, but I truly don’t believe that. However, I do believe that folks will begin turning favorite hobbies into areas of greater joy in their lives and, quite possibly, their means of making a living. If you’d like any inspiration in this arena, I will make myself available for a call.

All that said, if you’re an active reader, I strongly suggest switching your subscription to your personal email here.

In other news, I believe we are approaching the point of no return in terms of developing strong pandemic-informed habits that we carry with us once things “reopen”. For a while, I felt that folks would immediately return to their routines. But I think we’ve now passed that. The muscle memory is sinking in. It may mean a now instinctual reaction to someone coughing or, dare I say, hugging. But it will also mean a confident approach to entertaining & educating your kids, staying in touch with family/friends and keeping consistent with a hobby you’ve started or picked back up.

But if I can bring us back to negative town for a minute, do yourself a favor and take NO inspiration from the lack of creativity in these COVID-inspired commercials coming out of the country’s top agencies.

ATTEND THIS FREEBIE (VIRTUAL HIRING EVENT): In response to the sudden elimination of job prospects for students, we have partnered with nearly 10 Universities to host a virtual job fair next Wednesday. As a reader of this email, we are going to make ten (10) spots available to your company for free. So, wake up, keep your PJs on and recruit interns and entry level professionals next week.

ATTEND THIS (WEBINAR): On Tuesday of next week, we will be hosting an interactive webinar for folks to share their plans on bringing employees back to the office. The page is intentionally ornament-free. It’s a straightforward discussion to help those of us desperate for the smartest path forward.

READ THIS (RELATED): We may just adopt this article as our agenda for the webinar. It’s a wonderful piece by Lucia Smith (I think/hope she’s a reader) to help you process what to expect and how to prepare.

JOIN THIS COMMUNITY (RELATED): I just jumped into a new Slack community designed to help companies find their way back to the office. You can join us here.

JOIN THE FUN: Wanna know what one of the most popular online games on earth is? Solitaire. Why not play a quick game now.

BUT WAIT. We are gong to help you network with your colleagues by putting your LinkedIn profile on the back of a Solitaire card. When your colleagues play, they’ll also be discovering you and other HR professionals.

Just reply to me with you LinkedIn profile and I’ll return next week with the Solitaire Networking extravaganza. DON’T LET ME DOWN, PEOPLE. HIT REPLY.

PRO TIP: This week I shared the secret to enjoy hand-washing dishes.

WHAT TO WATCH (RELATED): Did you just get up to wash dishes? If so, start with this.

WHAT TO WATCH (UNRELATED): Are you eating more chocolate and moving around less, like me? Is hand-washing dishes not providing enough exercise? Well, reader Lara Langweiler has compiled a list of at-home fitness resources.

WHAT’S NEXT (A PERSONAL NOTE): As we approach the “you’ve overstayed your welcome” point of this upstate trip, I’ll be returning to the city this weekend to resume a routine of reminding my daughter to “not touch that” and spraying apples with Lysol (jk, don’t do that).

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