Harvard vs. VICE on the Future of work + Introvert love stories + Puppies

April 25, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

And lots of HR jobs in lots of different cities...

So this is the last week in our office before we kickoff our fully distributed policy next Wed. I had a bit of a head start this week by sticking around my brother’s house in Oyster Bay (LI) on Monday & Tuesday. It was very pleasant to work out of a sun porch that looks out onto a nicely manicured yard (which finds itself frequently populated by the “scent” of neighborhood dogs).

On Tuesday morning, I had the wonderful fortune to spend an hour on the phone with Susan Cain, keynote speaker at this year’s HR Uncubed conference and author of one of the world’s most critically acclaimed books (just scroll down to “reception” on this Wikipedia page). Cain’s Quiet has been reviewed almost 6K times. For perspective, both of Barack Obama’s books clock in under 3K combined. (Both, authors, however, don’t come within striking distance of Fifty Shades of Gray. Oh, what a world we live in…)

Attendees will be leading the Q&A for my “Hyreside” chat with Susan and we hope to cover a number of important topics, like:

  • how we can ensure everyone at the company is being heard
  • how not to lose top introverted team members
  • the impact of an open office environment, and, of course…
  • how to handle relationships with the introverts in your life.

BTW – price jumps to HR Uncubed in 6 days.

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Read This – Future of Work: Harvard Business Review teamed up with BCG on a Future of Work report to understand how the businesses and people most likely to be impacted by changes in work perceive the future. The results were encouraging. Dig in here to learn how your workforce may be more adaptable to change than you think.

Watch This – Future of Work: In my ongoing need to achieve balance in life, here’s a completely different spin on the future of work, by way of a special video report from VICE.

Watch This: IBM, BuzzFeed & Uncubed walk into a bar. If you fancy, watch this short, entertaining, Chinatown fueled narrative produced by IBM about Uncubed’s history, the work we’ve done with Watson A.I. and puppies (BuzzFeed’s contribution).

Question for you: Time to hire – Do you publicize your time-to-hire data? Would you be interested in sharing your data with Uncubed writers as part of a deep-dive we are creating on the impact of employer branding on time-to-hire? If so, please email me.



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